How to Get That Just-Right Designer Look for your Bedroom

Jun 24, 2020by Kimberly Foerst
There are so many ways to create a well-styled, personalized, and incredibly designed bedroom that is both fashionable and yet still meets all your functional needs.
Start with the bed. That's where you'll spend most of your time, so that's the most important for functionality. Plus, the bed is the focal point in any bedroom design. We recommend layering your bedding to give it a fuller look. Try mixing a bedspread and a quilt if you are in a warmer area, or you prefer to feel cool at night. Go with a comforter and either a bedspread or quilt if you tend to be cold at night and like the extra warmth. Depending on your tastes and comfort level, you may also want to lay an additional throw blanket across the foot of the bed.

Boho Chic Curated Bedroom

Next, give your bed a fully-styled look with two to four decorative pillows in coordinating colors. These provide a creative outlet for you to completely personalize the look of your bed. Use pillows with fuzzy or tufted textures, reversible sequins that you can change often, printed or embroidered phrases, etc. There is truly no limit to how creative you can get.
Finally, you want to focus on what's around the bed. Think about the furniture, the windows, the lighting. Everything in your bedroom should be carefully selected to contribute to the overall design, and again be a functional piece in your space.

Hygge Cozy Curated Bedroom

Your curtains should block enough light to allow you to sleep in if that's what you like. Or, if you love to wake up early and get moving, you may prefer a semi-sheer option. Your furniture should not take up too much space in your room, but should be ample enough to hold your clothing, knickknacks and essentials. Storage baskets, storage boxes and other organizational tools should be used to keep items off your floor. Nothing ruins the look of room like clutter.
Now, pick your color scheme for your bedroom and get started on your hunt for the perfect pieces to complete your bedroom design. 

Lush Decor Bedding Bundle: Solange Stripe Quilt Set and Ravello Pintuck Comforter Set

To make it even easier, you can shop our selection of curated bedroom designs with our new Bedding Bundles. Triangle Home Fashions CEO Jenny Zhu Cohen says, “A picture is worth a thousand words, and with our large selection of products and categories, we found we could offer customers a better way to visualize the many pieces that truly pull a room together. We’re offering one stop shopping for fashionable, soft home goods.”
With this new program, we have taken the time and guesswork out of achieving a decorator-inspired, just-right look for your master or guest bedroom. We offer a one-stop solution to hunting for the perfect layering pieces that transform a room into a highly personalized oasis.

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