Guest Blog: Top 5 Gifts for a Housewarming Party

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Buying a new house is an important milestone in anyone’s life. A celebration is definitely warranted, and most people celebrate this happy occasion by planning a housewarming party. And if you are invited to any such celebration you are of course expected to bring a gift!

A good gift at a housewarming party would be something that will lend a special touch to the new house. If you are having difficulty choosing such a gift, do go through our suggestions below!
Housewarming Gift Idea #1: Quilts and Blankets


Who doesn’t like to curl up in bed or on the couch with a warm blanket and book after a hectic day? Getting under those covers after a tiring day is one of the best feelings in the world. Quilts and throw blankets make excellent gifts for a new house. They’re practical, useful and easy on the pocket. You can find them in various sizes, colors and patterns. Consider decorative pillows and comforters as well. Your friend will think of you every time he or she peacefully drifts off to sleep in your gift!
Housewarming Gift Idea #2: Curtains

starter home

When someone buys an apartment, they’re already spending a lot. So why not help them furnish it and add the finer touches? Curtains are one of the gifts which do just that. Nowadays, curtains are available in a variety of styles. Choose from sheer curtains, room darkening panels, blackout curtains or even outdoor curtains. Find out the colors and decor theme your friend wants before shopping.
Housewarming Gift Idea #3: Bathroom Accessories

Abner Geo Shower Curtain & complimentary green towels

It is said that you can judge a home by the appearance of the bathrooms. Help your friends or family transform their bathroom into their own, personal, exquisite spas. You can gift them shower curtains. They can be either plain to go with the shades of the wall, or with quirky designs, depending on your friend’s preferences. You can also add luxurious towels or other accessories to go with this. A floor mat also never goes amiss.
Housewarming Gift Idea #4: Storage Space


When it’s a new house, it is important to organize stuff and keep everything neat. Storage items help to just do that. When you have shelves or storage boxes to keep your stuff in, it won’t just be lying around in the house. These can prove to be great housewarming gifts as there is a lot of stuff to be organized and stored away for the first few months. You can get cool, trendy storage boxes in all shapes, sizes and colors to match your friend’s style.
Housewarming Gift Idea #5: Furniture Protection

Wellow Ikat Furniture Protector

Furniture protectors cover your chairs and couches. Table cloths and runners cover your tables so that they are protected from the dust and condensation rings. These are wonderful gifts because they make new furniture more durable and prettier as well.
Remember that it’s the emotion behind the gift that counts more than the gift itself. Gift your loved ones one of these top gifts and help transform their house into a home!

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