Guest Blog: Throwing the Best Holiday Parties Outdoors

May 8, 2019by Jenny Zhu
The summer holidays are just around the corner. That means that the fun doesn’t just include the interior – we need to think about your outdoors and landscaping as well, to design the best holiday parties outdoors.

Throwing the Best Holiday Parties Outdoors

Restumping Melbourne, who are well-versed in ensuring that your backyards and garden are safe and comfortable venues for the biggest celebrations of the year, has a wealth of knowledge on this topic. Read on for their best tips and tricks so that your summer holiday get-together is the one your family and friends are talking about for the rest of the year.

Plan Ahead for the Party

Plan Ahead
Holidays can be among the most stressful times of the year, and the irony is, that they should be the opposite. If you have a grass backyard, make sure that’s properly groomed. If you have gravel, granite, cement or another material, make sure that it’s clean and safe for party-goers to dance all night on. If you plan to decorate with new items, decide on a theme first, and be sure to allow plenty of time for shipping if you order online. Decorations might include your table cloths, outdoor cushions, outdoor pillows, place settings, streamers and more.

Outdoor Decor Furniture

Decor Doesn’t Have to be a Huge Investment
Seasonal decorating shouldn’t cost a fortune. You need quality outdoor products that will brighten your space, but they can still be affordable. Typically your outdoor furniture and decor will not be permanent fixtures. Instead, think about seasonal additions that are not quite as large an investment. We also recommend that you consider items that are easy to clean, as spills at large outdoor parties are inevitable. (They’re almost a badge of honour for a successful get-together).

Add Your Own Touch

Make Sure to Add Your Own Touch
Whether it’s through a color palette that’s personal to you, homemade decorations that you spent time creating with loved ones, or specific décor materials, this is your party and you should decorate it however you want to. Have some fun when setting up your holiday party, this is a season of celebration of loved ones after all. And you can’t forget the food and drink. Whip up signature cocktails with flavors that highlight the vibe of the holiday that you’re celebrating or what’s important to you. Thank goodness for the Era of Information. You can easily peruse the Web for unique snacks and meals that your party attendees will never forget.

Don't Forget The Cleanup

Don’t Forget the Clean-up
We know, it’s not the most fun part of your party, but it falls in-line with planning ahead. Make sure that you have the receptacles, storage containers, tools and resources for the morning after all set up. This way you can ensure that both your yard and your décor are in good shape, with everything can get back in its proper place. Bonus? If you plan ahead, you’ll be in much better spirits than running around doing a big clean after what we hope was a long and successful night of celebrations.
Questions? Comments? What do you like to do for your outdoor holiday parties? Let us know in the comments section.

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