Guest Blog: How To Set Up Your Bedroom For Restful Sleep

Aug 26, 2020by Jenny Zhu
For all the marvels of modern society, we still have trouble with one of the simplest facets of life: getting to sleep. In fact, now more than ever young professionals and urban dwellers report sleepless or interrupted nights, which can have a massive impact on your health and well-being in waking life.
The bad news is, your bedroom is probably causing some of this stress, but the good news is you can do something about it. Here are four easy, cost-effective ways of setting up your bedroom to be a restful place that encourages sound sleep.

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Screen-free environment
It might be the last thing you want to hear, but secretly you probably know already: your screen usage is the number one thing preventing a good night’s sleep. The blue light from TVs and smartphones mimics daylight, tricking your brain’s circadian rhythm into thinking it’s time to be awake. Even if you do use screen dimmers, scrolling through your smartphone just before bed is encouraging your brain to be active when you should be relaxing.
Try a no-screens policy in the bedroom. Invest in a physical alarm clock to avoid having to have your smartphone on your nightstand, and remove the TV. Removing screens might also promote other good behaviors, like reading, mindfulness and communicating with your partner.
Bedtime rituals
Why not work your screen-free time into a soothing bedtime ritual? Having a relaxing set of practices that gets you in the right state of mind is a great easy way to encourage restful sleep. Gradually dim the lights, mimicking the setting of the sun, drink herbal tea or take a bath with scented candles.
“Smell is a huge stressor that no one thinks about. If you’re feeling stressed, making your home smell nicer can be a great way to unwind,” says Burt Kamolin,  a blogger at 1day2write and NextCoursework.
Clear away clutter

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Another easily avoidable barrier to a sound night’s sleep is clutter. If you can keep you room clean and clear during the day, you’ll have one less thing to keep you up at night. Also, clutter might be making getting to bed physically more laborious at a time where you want everything to be easy.
The best way to declutter your mind is to declutter your room. Your mess is keeping you up at night, even if you’re not conscious of it,” says Mindy Kwan, decor writer at Write My X and Britstudent.
Often the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see at night is your nightstand, so try to keep it free of anything you don’t use every day. If it does take up room, try to make it sensory pleasing to amplify your sleeping environment: fresh flowers, a scented candle, some herbal tea.
A clear nightstand is also a great place to place items to encourage you into a new hobby. Want to read more? Keep a book next to your bed. Trying to get into exercise? Keep your running shoes or your FitBit right by you, so you’re reminded to go jogging when you wake up.
Comfort above all else

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Often we design our bedroom around visual appeal or sentimental value, but there’s a tipping point between beautiful and comfortable. Instead, try to focus on items that will make you look forward to getting in bed, and sleep will come naturally.
When it comes to soft furnishings, it’s important to prioritize comfort above all other factors. There is no one solution to comfort, so know what works for you. Linen is cool in hot weather, while cotton bedding is best for the cold. Always feel your sheets in person before buying to make sure they’re right for you. When it comes to cotton, look for percale and sateen. Cotton percale gets you the feeling of crisp new sheets, smooth but firm, while sateen is soft and silky.
Be aware
All of these tips essentially come down to the same thing: be mindful of your bedroom space, and make sure it works for you. Your bedroom should be your favorite place to be, it should be the best reward for a hard day’s work. Treat yourself to the reward you deserve!

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