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By using the best curtains and blinds, you can give your house the much-needed makeover that it needs. Curtains can add color, texture, and/or pattern to your space. They can be available in a wide array of lengths, colors, and widths so that different curtains can be used for different rooms. While you can use a full-length curtain for the living room or bedroom, a shorter curtain can be useful to cover the window over a kitchen sink.

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On the other hand, blinds are made of bamboo, vinyl slats, wood or aluminum, and they all can be lifted up and down with a lifting mechanism or a cord. They can tilt to a side so that light can be let in or blocked accordingly.
Therefore, the main function of curtains and blinds, in addition to giving you privacy, is to block or permit light from entering a home. There are some considerations that should be taken while getting the best ones for your home, which are as follows:

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#1. Material:
The material of your curtains should be chosen correctly. Curtains can be available in cloth as well as plastic material. Within cloth itself, you can get many types of options. There can be thick material like a rug or interwoven material that can help in blocking light completely from entering the room. There can be others which can be a bit lighter so that some light can pass through them. This type of curtain will be well-suited for a living room or dining room where some amount of natural light is encouraging, whereas the former type of curtain might be better suited for the bedroom.

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#2. Type:
There can be many different types of curtains and blinds. Curtains are usually made of fabric with different thickness. But when it comes to blinds, they are mostly used as per the size of a window frame and hence their length and width are custom made accordingly. Standard blinds are 1/2-inch or 1-inch in depth, and these are also known as mini-blinds. There are also Venetian blinds in which the depth is about 2-inches. As discussed earlier, they can be available in many types of tones and colors but likely won’t be patterned. They can be a good selection for the bedroom, as they can effectively block much of the light from passing through.
#3. Color and design:
While selecting a curtain, it is essential to understand the color, style and interiors of your room. Look at the color of your walls and choose either a matching or contrasting color for the curtains and blinds.  They can help in making a room look more attractive if a proper choice is made.

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#4. Room to be installed in:
You should keep the room under consideration while selecting curtains and blinds. This is because if you select a half curtain for a living room, that may not suit the space. Similarly, if you install a horizontal blind over a small window, its effects may not be pronounced, and it may not look great. Thick curtains and blinds are suitable for bedrooms, while lighter ones are good choices for living rooms, depending on how much light you want to enter inside. Therefore, the dimension of doors and windows, and their placement, should be considered before deciding whether you need a curtain or a blind for the purpose.
In addition to these aspects, you should certainly look for a durable material while buying curtains and blinds so that they can last for a long time. Getting the best quality materials will ensure that you have a satisfying feeling after you put them up in your house. Also, make sure that you choose the right color and design to best suit your interiors and wall colors.

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    Thanks for breaking it down well. It’s absolutely vital to get your curtains fitted properly as while installing there are things we can miss out on. We too have written a blog around how to hang curtains properly (here: thought it was relevant to the blog so posted the link.

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    Choosing the right curtains comes down to the fact if you live in a spacious environment or a simple apartment (not that apartments can’t be great, just you’d have to adjust with some space)! The right color and fabric curtains matter a lot for open spaces such as living room and kitchen and you can go for minimalist approach for other rooms!

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