Guest Blog: Home Organization Hacks For A Clutter Free Home

by Jenny Zhu
Decluttered home
Scientific studies reveal that clutter in your home overloads your brain, making it impossible to accomplish many important tasks. Decluttering your house doesn’t have to be an expensive process where you have to buy expensive tools and pay professionals. Whether a professional or not, you can try out the following home organization hacks for a clutter free home:
Most clutter in modern homes is often in the bedroom where guests are not privy to it. This over time trickles down to the other rooms at home. In the bedroom, you need ample space for your clothes and trinkets, without having to bring down a wall. Organize your bedroom closet by tossing out or donating anything that you haven’t worn in a long time and is without sentimental value. Keep up the good work by hanging up all clothes you can and folding up the rest in drawers. If you do not have enough drawers in the room, go for some plastic organizers and stack them up to make a personalized chest. In these, you can place socks, gloves and even jewelry.  


Hang your clothes in an organized manner according to color, length or type. Sweaters should be folded and not hung to maintain their shape. Make sure shoes are clean before placing them on a shoe rack or shelf in your closet.  Organize your bedroom closet by using movable cubes on the top where you can store folded items and belts. When all the clutter in your bedroom is gone, you can make the bed, clean the floors and enjoy your new living space.
A cluttered kitchen is not just unsightly, but it could also be a dangerous place. If spice racks are taking too much counter space, try using a shower caddy that you can hang on the inside of your cabinet.  We like putting stuff under the sink, but that only ends up being the cluttered store. Try using a tension rod under there to hang your cleaning supplies. Once you are done, there will be enough space under the rod to store a few more things in a more organized manner.

Kitchen pantry

Living room
The trick is to use non-traditional furniture which doubles up as storage for magazines, newspapers or decorative items. A dresser that no one uses may be repainted to match your living room decor and double as storage for some decorative items. You may also choose an ottoman with storage room for clutter, which provides extra seating as well.
The mason jars you throw away can become useful organizers in the bathroom. Paint three in your favorite colors and use them to hold your toothbrushes, flowers or jewelry. Dryers and hair straighteners taking up space in your bathroom can be organized in a file cabinet. Attach the organizer to the side of your bathroom sink and neatly place your appliances. Tray organizers are a great way to get things organized in your bathroom drawers.
Your home is the haven where you recluse after a long day in work, and clutter shouldn’t compromise that. With these easy hacks, you can transform your cluttered space into a Zen that will uplift your spirits.

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