Guest Blog: Home Decor Elements to Upgrade the Interior Designs of a Pet Lover

Oct 23, 2019by Jenny Zhu
Pet lovers want to show their love for animals on any convenient occasion. Normally, they are the most faithful friends you may ever have and you desire to show how this little creature is important to you. As your love for your pet grows, consider improving your house decoration with fancy elements.

Pet Lover - woman with dalmatian

You can use animal prints, pictures featuring dogs and cats, and any other appropriate details. It will be a stylish addition to your decor and make the right impact on the guests visiting your house. They will be definitely impressed by uncommon accents in your designs. Keep reading to find out how to decorate your house and which decor elements will match the interior style and emphasize how much you love your pet.

10 House Decor Elements for Pet-Lovers

Decor Elements - French Bulldog on pillow
It’s not a secret that pets essentially improve our lives and make them even more interesting. They are always waiting for you while you’re out of a house or go to work, and they will love you just because you’re their human. Show how much you love your fluffy friend with the help of the following decor pieces:
1. A bone-shaped basket as a funny and functional decor piece in your house.
Your interior decor may be spoiled with things like toys, clothes you leave all over the house, shoes, etc. In case you’re a dog-lover, a bone-shaped basket is definitely what you need. This decor element for your house is might be made of plastic or be wooden. You can throw your dog’s toys in it, keep a blanket there, or hide shoes in it. If it's large enough, your pet may love the idea to sleep in this decor detail for your house.
2. Pillows featuring your pet are cute decor elements for your house designs.
Modern home decor requires the presence of stylish pillows that will essentially emphasize the coziness of your house. You can purchase this detail and enjoy it every day or give it to your lovely four-legged friend. It will also appreciate this soft decor element in your house. The greatest thing about it is the chance to order a pillow that will feature a picture of your pet. You can choose a favorite photo with your dog, cat, rabbit or any other animal and send it to designers who will draw your little friend from this pic. A customer can choose this decor detail in any color for his house.
3. A shower curtain as a house decor element.
It’s a perfect decor choice for the house of a person who has a cat. You probably noticed that your kitty is ready to follow you even when you’re going to a bathroom. A shower curtain featuring cats is a fancy decor element that will emphasize that cats totally filled your life and house. Besides, if your kitty takes interest in everything, you can use the best cat repellent.
4. A family portrait featuring you and all your pets is the decor detail your house needs.
Your house is empty without such an essential interior decor element as a portrait featuring your family. As pets are also members of your family and environment, you should ask a painter to add all your animals to a picture. It is one of those decorative accents that will make you smile every time you look at it.
5. A hanger for your dog’s leash.
This decor detail for your house will definitely win your heart. Get one that's shaped in the form of a dog’s tail or painted with paw prints. You will never lose a leash again because you’ll know where you put it. Its rustic design is modern nowadays and it will definitely match the style of the interior decor in your house.
6. A hanger for keys and a leash you can use in your house.
You can order a hanger for keys and your dog’s leash according to the number of the members of your family and even pets. It’s one of personalized house decor ideas and you can ask a designer to write something like “his, hers, dog’s” or draw paws. It’s a cute solution for people who always lose their keys and a pet’s leash.
7. A picture with a replica of your pet’s paw as a cute element of house decor.
Your house needs more decor elements connected with your cute pet. A frame with a photo of your little friend and its paw print is the sweetest thing you’ll ever find. You can make a replica by using a pet-friendly clay and you can put it anywhere in your house among other decor details.
8. A soft rug featuring paws will make your house interior designs cuter.
You can put this decor element near your dog’s bowls to make him feel cozy in your house while he is eating. Try to find one that is so soft that your puppy can even sleep on it. A rug featuring a pet’s paws is a perfect decor element for your house.

Decor Recommendations - kitten on bedding

9. Cat-themed pots for succulents are another awesome home goods decor elements.
In case you have cats and succulents, we know what your decor needs. Tiny pots featuring cat pics are a stylish and funny solution for windows. They are of good quality and may be a great present for anyone who likes fancy house decor.
10. A tree-house for your cat and perfect interior decor.
Your cat will definitely like to climb up a tree or sleep on it more than anywhere else in your house. It’s a great element for your interior decor as it looks like a real plant. And the kitty living in your house will appreciate your new cool house ideas.
11. Cozy pet beds for their rest.
While you may be used to seeing the standard dark brown or navy blue solid colored pet bed in any store, you can search online for cat beds and dog beds with a lot more style. From simple stripes and polka dots for the more subtle look to much more bold and colorful looks you may enjoy, pet beds are now available in lots of great styles to keep your pets comfortable and your home looking great.

Final Words About Decor Ideas

With our decor recommendations, you’ll know how to design a house and emphasize love for pets. By the way, do you have animals at home? Do you have any special decor details in your house? Share them with us in the comments section.

About the Author:

Guest Blogger Betti WilsonBetti Wilson, an interior designer with 5 years of experience in the sphere, lives her idyllic life with two dogs and one cat and shares the stories about their adventures on her blog. Tina likes to emphasize love for pets with fancy decor elements.


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