Guest Blog: Guest Bedroom Decorating Ideas - A Different Approach

Jul 12, 2017by Jenny Zhu
Sometimes, it may be tempting to let the guest bedroom’s design to be plain and simple. Besides, you’re bound to not only have a single guest in the future and who’s to say what they all like, right?
However, why just stick with the standard white walled room with a single bed and a single wardrobe?
Want to break down the dullness? Read on to know more about how to add some flair in the bedrooms that will make your guests feel like they’re in a hotel!
Keeping it simple

Simple Guest Bedroom

For some, they might not have the time to change the room completely. Fret not, there still is a way to have a prettier guest bedroom even without re-painting the walls.
Refresh the room by adding some life to it -- literally. Handpick a few flowers to place in the room when you are expecting a guest. Finding a pretty vase to place your flowers in can also be a huge plus. Adding one or two pots of plants would be a good idea, too.
To contrast the plain walls, find bedding or curtains that give personality to the room.

Guest Bedroom

Hotel in your own house
If you have the time and the budget to re-do everything, inject a luxurious feel in the bedroom that your guests will surely appreciate. A huge work of art or a unique headboard for the bed can be a good start.
Colors such as pale gray or a muted blue can also promote relaxation for your guests. If you want to up the relaxing vibe in the room, layering some pillows on the bed and adding a lamp or two makes the room look comfier.

Ravello Pintuck Comforter Set by Lush Decor

You know how when in hotels, the management provides its guests with their own toiletries?
If your guest bedroom has its own bathroom, placing the shampoo, conditioner and body wash in pretty and eye-catching containers can also be a good idea rather than just placing it in the packaging it came in. In addition, this can also help you save more when it comes to bathroom essentials and even leave some for the next guest.
It’s in the details
As with all guest bedrooms, the goal is to make your guest feel at home. Adding in a tray in the room that can serve as a catch-all for your guest’s essentials can also make a plain table look prettier.

Guest Bedroom

For another nice touch, you can frame up an artwork with the house’s WiFi password so it won’t be much of a hassle for your guest.
A little entertainment
If there’s enough in your budget, add a television in the guest bedroom. If not, a few books and magazines strategically placed where your guest can easily reach them while preparing for bed is the next best thing.
Pretty and unique bookends can also draw in their interest.
Beneficial for collectors
Love to hoard? Or maybe you’re a painter who has no clue where to place other artworks.

Collection of Art

Rather than letting them waste away in your garage or storage shed, the guest bedroom can double as another room to display your collections.
If there’s a bookshelf, you can use the vintage cameras you have collected over the years as book ends. As for artists and photographers, frame your works and go for an eclectic style in the bedroom walls. For guest bedrooms with a television, DVD hoarders can place those not-so-favorite discs in the guest bedroom. Maybe your guest might enjoy that genre.
Whichever design you may go for with your guest bedroom, always remember that it still is something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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