Guest Blog: Distinct Features of Scandinavian Interior That Make it Stand Apart

by Jenny Zhu
It’s simplistic, minimalism, and depicts efficient design – that’s what Scandinavian interior is all about. Originated from the Nordic countries, it has created huge influence amongst everyone in the world.
Before, we get into the distinct features of Scandinavian Interior, let us understand what the meaning of Scandinavian design is.

Hygge Scandinavian Interior Design

What is Scandinavian Design?
If we put it into simple words, then Scandinavian design is all about finding balance between the functionality and beauty. It manages to makes maximum usage of the space with effective storage solution.
Now that we know a little more about Scandinavian Interior, let’s check out the distinct features that make this interior style stand apart.

Hygge Scandinavian Interior Design

Color Palate
The general perception regarding the color palate in the Scandinavian interior is black and white. While it’s true that those colors are a true element of the interior, it isn’t true that there is no other color involved.
The colors tend to be subdued, not very bold. With neutral and pastel shades combined together, the colors are light, airy and bright.
Besides, you can also have icy blue and pale pink color for the interior. It’s one of many popular choices within Scandinavian interiors.

Hygge Scandinavian Interior Design

Wooden Flooring
Wooden floors are an environmentally friendly option for the flooring in Scandinavian interior. Most of the time, white wood is used for the floor up to the ceiling, thereby making the room more spacious and airy.
You can use darker tone in wooden flooring if it goes well with the furniture. But, the most famous interiors will also recommend you to go with the light tone of wooden flooring.

Hygge Scandinavian Interior Design

Clean Furniture Lines
One can easily make out in the furniture shop that it’s a Scandinavian piece. But, what makes it unique? What are the characteristics of the Scandinavian furniture?
Well, the primary focus is given to multiple things. Starting from simplicity, clean lines, to using natural material in furniture, these are the characteristics of Scandinavian furniture.
The objects of Scandinavian design are like artistic creations that will last longer than usual furniture pieces.
Natural Light
Lighting is the key feature of Scandinavian interior. While designing the Scandinavian interior, there must be a natural source of lighting that is daylight. Every room must have huge windows faced towards beaming light. Due to this, the rooms will look airy and fresh throughout the day.

Hygge Scandinavian Interior Design

Lush Green Plants
One thing apart from the furniture you shall find in every Scandinavian interior is lush green plants. Scandinavians love nature and they are sure to bring it in every corner of the home. Different types of plants are arranged on the corner or even a shelf. During the winter, there is not much possibility of having plants. Hence, cacti and succulents are ideal to use in Scandinavian interior design as well.
Besides, the home is surrounded by natural beauty that can be viewed through the balcony.
Cozy Fireplace
During winters, it is a must to have a cozy fireplace. These fireplaces are a tad different, unlike any other. Since Scandinavian design is all about functionality, the fireplaces are also used for cooking.

Hygge Geo Quilt Set

Patterns and Upholstery
The patterns and upholstery in the Scandinavian design are organic. The entire interior is designed keeping nature at the top of mind. So it goes with the upholstery and patterns. You’ll find a lot of simple doodles and fun as well. The upholstery is cozy, provides warmth and adds a stylish and textured element to the interior.
Minimalistic Touch
Minimalism is all about keeping minimal items that are only needed for specific usage. Other than that, effective storage solutions will help in decluttering. One of many ideas of Scandinavian interior is to keep spaces clean and clutter free.
Low Hanging Lights
Lastly, the long hanging lights are popular among Scandinavian interiors. These lights come in various options to choose from. They are simple and several lights come in a bunch, though even a singular light will enhance the room.
Scandinavian interior design brings an aesthetic that showcases an easy and clutter-free interior. With the distinct features mentioned above, you can make your interior stand apart. It’s a trend that many people have been following making their homes look sophisticated with the simplest interior items and furniture.

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