Guest Blog: Decor Ideas For Your Kids' Bedrooms

by Jenny Zhu
Your child’s room is more than a place to sleep. It’s a sacred space, a refuge from a hectic family life. When it comes to decor, choose some of your child’s favorite things, while keeping an eye on appealing design. Consider fresh ideas about the bed, wall decor, curtains, accessories and paint. Here’s how:

Alligator Collection kids' bedroom set by Lush Decor

Beds — Blending Decor With Comfort
The bed is the main focus of your child’s room. A hard or soft mattress sets the tone for a good night’s sleep, so know your child’s preferences.
Bedding decor creates a vibe in a room: inviting and warm, or cool and coordinated. Set the right tone to select the right bed.
Do you want to soothe or dazzle? Consider bedding prints or solids that reflect your child’s personality.
Remember, the right bed is age- appropriate. Think safety first. Also think space- efficiency. Consider a bed that is set on heavy-duty drawers that open and close for storage.
Looking for a cool bed? Consider an Amish bunk bed, which is great for siblings. Quality-crafted, solid wood Amish bunk beds come in many styles. These classic, rustic beds have lasted over the generations.

Wall Art For Kids Bedrooms

Personalize Your Wall Decor
For a personalized decor touch, consider big canvas prints and wall murals for kids. Nothing speaks to your kid’s personality like a beautiful custom canvas or an engaging mural that says wow! Try a personalized superhero wall mural or a big canvas print. Disney princess murals and prints come in all shapes and sizes.
Remember, wall hangings might be hard to remove when your child gets older. They don’t exactly love Little Mermaid or Nemo at age sixteen. So, different textures and mounting methods will help. If your favorite art comes in a vinyl design, or if you use removable hanging strips, try applying to your wall. Does the hanging pull off easily? Avoid headaches later.

Universe Room Darkening Window Curtains

Curtains, Curtains, Curtains!
If the view from the window doesn’t catch your eye, consider a bedroom curtain to fit your kid’s personality. Want to stay economical? A seamstress can customize. Consider a valence or blinds for very young children who pull on long curtains.
Life In Color
The right paint and wallpaper add feeling to a room. Choosing the right color makes all the difference. Pastels are soft, reds/oranges are bold, and light blues are peaceful. Use accent pillows or lamps to add a burst of color to an otherwise neutral decor.
Floor mats, linens, and pillow cases are touches that complete a kid’s room. Waterproof foam floor tiles are interlocking parts that make the floor more comfortable for playing. Easy-to- clean, colorful and soft tiles are affordable and easy-to-find. Linens and pillowcases, and pillows and blankets, are the perfect changeable add-ons to suit your kid’s mood. They are easy to replace or toss out when they lose their appeal, or if your kid wakes up in a “get rid of everything” mood one day!

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