Guest Blog: 7 Small Space Styling Techniques You Can Easily Steal from the Pros

Aug 22, 2018by Jenny Zhu
A small space shouldn’t hinder you from having an impressive home that merges smart form and function. Whether you live in a tiny house or apartment, following the right interior design tips and hacks will enable you to have a stylish home that doesn’t look and feel cramped at all.
Here are some interior designing techniques and tips from pros that you should try for your small home: 

Bedroom in small home

1. Give each room a unique color scheme
If you have just two or three rooms in your home, give each one its own distinctive look and personality. You can do this by using the right colors.
Use specific color schemes for each room so that when you move from one area to the next, each space feels distinct.
It is best to use light colors since they make rooms look larger. You can play with white, light gray, blue, and other neutral colors for each room. You can also use these light colors to paint wall trims and moldings to make the rooms look more interesting.

furniture in small home

2. Get appropriately-sized furniture
Seasoned interior designers always seem to be measuring, and for good reason: to ensure that everything they place in a room is suitable for the space.
Apply this technique when shopping for furniture. This means choosing pieces that are the right scale for a small space.
Before shopping, take the time to measure each room and understand how to create optimum flow in each space. You can then come up with a well-designed plan for each room.

Hanging lights in small bedroom

3. Opt for hanging, multifunctional lighting features
To get more space from small rooms, instead of getting additional tables to put lamps on or even getting indoor floor lamps (which are often bulky), opt for lighting solutions that can be suspended from the ceiling or wall. These can include wall sconces which you can place near your sofa and pendant lighting by your bed.
A multifunctional wall sconce will add to the design of your bedroom. As a dual purpose light, simply install it on the right spot to have a stylish reading light for your bed and when you swing it over a desk or table, you will have an instant desk lamp.
In case your home relies on recessed can lighting for most of its illumination, layer in some floor or table lamps. This will allow light to cast up onto your ceiling to make the room bigger.
If you’re still thinking about which type of light to use in your home, consider getting LED fixtures since they are most cost-efficient and eco-friendly.

well designed apartment

4. Choose multifunctional furniture
When it comes to getting multifunctional pieces, don’t stop with your lights; get different furniture pieces that have dual purposes, too. With such furniture items, you can be sure that the space they occupy will be well worth it.
Some examples of multifunctional furniture you should have are:
 >Nesting tables that also function as coffee tables
 >Sleek desks that can work as dining tables
 >Benches that function as coffee tables or chairs
 >Foldable canvas organizers that can be stacked under floor lamps and appliances
 >Storage boxes that you can sit on
hanging plants
5. Decorate with plants
Greenery never fails to enhance the look and feel of a room. But since you have small rooms, placing bulky pots and planters will make them crowded.
To add a bit of greenery to your space, utilize your vertical space. You can do this by hanging indoor planters by your windows or corners. Two of the best hanging plants to have in your tiny home are asparagus fern and string of pearls.

Bedroom in small apartment

6. Avoid cramming rooms with wooden furniture
Placing a lot of wooden furniture in a room will make it feel clunky and bottom heavy. It is a residential interior design concept that you should always keep in mind.
If you already have plenty of wooden furniture, you can turn things around and improve the look of the room by adding glass-topped tables. They will give the room a lighter, airier, and a more open atmosphere.


7. Opt for tall shelves and cabinets
To make the ceiling seem higher and the space look bigger, invest in tall, full-scale shelves and cabinets. High shelves and cabinets visually draw the eye upward and give an impression that the room is larger.
By taking a leaf (or more) out of professional interior designers’ books, you, too, can have a stylish, space-smart, small home. 

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