Guest Blog: 7 Gorgeous Living Room Ideas

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Are you planning to give your living room a whole new look? If you are, then this post is for you!

Living Room needing a makeover

Redecorating your home, especially the area where you initially take your visitors, can be quite overwhelming and challenging. This is because decorations and designs may vary from one taste to another. And what makes it challenging is that there can be a lot of choices and variations to apply.
So, if you are having a hard time choosing the most gorgeous and suitable living room design, you may want to check these 7 gorgeous living room ideas:

Modern Meets Traditional Living Room

1. Modern meets traditional
A traditional style of designs is very popular nowadays. In fact, many young adults prefer this kind of ambiance in their respective living rooms. But even so, the influence of modernization is quite too strong. As a result, the overall appearance is becoming more of a mixture of modern and traditional styles.
The best way that you can apply this in your living room is that you ensure that there is a piece that will highlight the traditional times as well as the modern trends. You may incorporate the traditional design on the base of your living room. This can be the ceiling, walls, and floors. And the best material to utilize in a traditional type of design is wood.
Now, in blending it with modern designs, you may incorporate these onto the accessories and pieces of furniture. You can be creative in choosing bright and vibrant colors as your theme. Besides, nearly any color or hue will match just rightly to wood and brown tones.

Living Room Makeover

2. Small change, big difference
Some people want to see a big difference even if they only want to apply small changes. For others, this seems quite impossible. But, with the right sense of sights and usage of tools, you can definitely apply this home decor to your living room. And definitely, small changes can apparently make huge differences.
You may choose to change the color of your wallpaper or paint. If you are using a very dark tone of color on your walls, try changing it with a much lighter color. Certainly, this will bring more vibrancy and light inside the living room, which will definitely change the whole vibe of the space.
You may also try changing the texture that you are using.

Living Room with High Ceilings

3. A big impression
If your living room has a spacious area or a very high ceiling and you are using vague pieces of furniture, the tendency is people would focus on the excess space that you have. So, in order to resolve this kind of concern, try using accessories and pieces of furniture that are eye-catching and head-turning.
Normally, they are the ones that have bold and bright colors. Also, opt to have one large piece of furniture in the area.

Laid Back Living Room

4. Naturally laid back
A naturally laid-back style of the living room is very much suitable for homeowners who spend a lot of time in this area to simply rest, read, and be calm. And to have this kind of ambiance, try to restrict the furnishing of the space up to three colors tones. Accordingly, the most recommendable colors are the earth tones.
You can also incorporate scented candles and reed diffusers. Place a vintage-looking coffee table that contains flowers and ornamental plants.

Modern Living Room

5. Opposites attract
For this kind of living room design, it all has something to do with the contrasting of colors. A plain black and white color scheme will already turn your dull-looking living room into a classy and gorgeous space.
Start with the base color. You may choose white as your primary base. As for the black tone, you may apply this to the accessories and furniture. If you want to give more contrast in the ambiance, try incorporating one vibrant color that will provide a surprising and yet pleasant vibe.

Living Room With a View

6. Room with a view
A room with a view does not necessarily mean that your space needs to have an overlooking view outside. If you want to give your space a whole new look and ambiance by adding views, you may put vases with flowers on them. Plants great attractions too. You may also try including the hanging leaves and plants on the corners.
Nevertheless, this is only a suggestion. It will still depend on your preference. And if in case plants and flowers fit your interests, then make sure to organize them in a way that they are very pleasing to look at.

Luca Fur Throw and colorful decorative pillows in a living room

7. Make it cozy
If you are running out of ideas on what to do with your living room, then you may resort to having the space become cozier. And the best way to do this is to actually make it really pleasant and inviting enough to provide comfort and peace.
Some of the best way to execute this include placing comfortable throw pillows on the area, changing furniture texture into a much more inviting appearance, adding playful and vibrant colors, and minimalist wall hangings.
Now, redecorating your living room can be challenging at times. But, these gorgeous ideas will totally help you in bringing out the best out of your space.

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