Guest Blog: 7 Budget Home Decorating Ideas

1 comment Jun 5, 2019by Jenny Zhu
Home decorating is mostly associated with expensive design artists or with expensive decorative items.
Nevertheless, home decorating shouldn’t be about money. It’s supposed to be an activity or a lifetime hobby that will make your house truly feel like home.  This can only happen in time, as you’ll be choosing and gathering items that are resonating with your personality.

Decorate on a budget

These days, nothing is free, and you can’t properly decorate your house unless you dispose of at least a modest budget.
Luckily, there are a lot of budget-friendly ways to decorate your home and love it. These 7 ideas below will prove to you that decorating is an activity that everyone can afford.

Colorful decorative pillows by Lush Decor

1. Pillows and More Pillows
Pillows are great. Pillows are comfortable. Pillows are cheap. Actually, pillows are one of the best decorative objects in a house. For instance, a couch looks boring on its own, but put some nice pillows on it and ta-da, your couch is similar to the ones from fancy magazines.
As well, you don’t have to buy many pillows because most of them have changeable covers. So, if you want to redesign and freshen up your living room, all you have to do is change your pillows’ covers.

Pretty Flowers

2. Plants are Nature’s Art
Plants, especially flowers, are nature’s art. This is the most natural way to decorate your house. Flowers, in addition to their stunning beauty and enchanting smells, also come with a lot of health benefits.
Furthermore, plants or seeds are so cheap that you won’t even feel a difference in the budget. With a plant, you can fill up any awkward space or hide any architectural flaw in your house. Plants make a great design, as they can style any space.

Nature for decor

3. Use Your Imagination – Use the Nature
To decorate implies to let your imagination flow. Therefore, imagine… where do most design items come from?
Well, they come from nature. But why spend exuberant amounts of money on a decorative rock that has been overpriced because of the brand, when you can go outside, pick some rocks that you can style and paint as you please?
The best decorative items come from nature: woods, rocks, shells, leaves, flowers. The best part of using nature to decorate your house is that everything will be unique, and you won’t find it in anyone else’s house. As well, using nature will demand more time rather than money.
You can even leverage writing services to get advice on how to decorate your walls with words. Many people love to paint their walls with quotes and inspiring sayings, and those words can be painted with nature’s tools.


4. Mirrors – A Chic way to Open-Up a Room
If you’re a woman, then you probably already love mirrors. Mirrors are not only your best admirers, but they also make a great design item in anyone’s house.
Mirrors are the best decorative item if you want a brighter house and if you want to make a small room seem bigger. Besides, mirrors are budget-friendly, especially if you find one at a second-hand store, and you can decorate them in so many ways.

Vintage items in home decor

5. Vintage Never Goes Out of Style
This is a fact: vintage items will never go out of style. “Vintage” can be any old piece of furniture that you restored and fashioned up a bit. Of course, vintage items cost a fortune in stores, but you can easily create them.
So, look around your own home, yard sales (and similar apps) or thrift stores and see if you can spot some old piece of furniture that would improve your room’s design if you restore it.
Most people have a lot of old things around the house and they just replace them with expensive new ones instead of restoring them. Restoring is much cheaper than buying something new.

Dinner Plates

6. Plates Aren’t Just for Eating
Who said that plates can be used just for serving your meals? There are millions of beautifully designed plates that can enhance your home decor. Put them on your walls to create a focal point, just like you would with your paintings.
In addition, putting decorative plates on the wall is uncommon, unique, and always creates a one-of-a-kind look. Plates come in so many shapes, sizes, and patterns that you can create a piece of art on your wall just by mixing up some beautiful plates that you have around your house.


7. Get Creative – Repurpose What You Already Have
I bet that we all have things that we no longer use, which are often only collecting the dust in the storage closet. We are so used to buying new things to replace the old ones, and we fail to repurpose our current belongings.
During a relaxing afternoon, take one hour to identify the objects that you no longer use. Once you’ve gathered a list, think about their past roles, and try to identify new roles. If you can’t find any repurposing ideas, simply sell them, donate them, or throw them away, and enjoy your newly decluttered space.
Who says that decorating your home must make a hole in your wallet? It should be about having fun, brainstorming great ideas, and displaying your awesome personality all over your home.
Above, we’ve listed only 7 great ideas you can decorate your lovely house that will not imbalance your budget, though you can get creative and do so much more! Tell us some of your favorite tricks in the comments section.

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  • roombodi May 15, 2020 at 1:04 pm

    This is a great guide! Another option I would suggest is using removable wallpaper. It’s definitely cheaper than getting a real wood or brick wall, but you can get the same look with self-adhesive wallpaper. It also won’t damage your wall, which is great for rentals and dorms.

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