Guest Blog: 5 Things to Do Before Dressing Your Windows

by Jenny Zhu
New dressings for your windows can bring new life to your home. Not only does it brighten up a room, but it can also brighten up the people in it. However, before you can install them, you must first prepare your windows for them.
Here are the five things you need to do first so installing your window dressing is made much easier.

Bare Windows

Choose the Right Dressing for You
Of course, before you even get to installing the window dressing, you’ll want to get the right one. You want something you won’t regret putting up, even years down the line. It has to be fit for the style of your home and be consistent with everything else.
You should choose the length based on function. Perhaps you can use sheer fabrics to add more layers for a more varied style. You may also want to add blinds if it matches the architecture. The colors should match or compliment the walls and everything else in the room.
What you don’t want to do is have a different look for every room since that would end up with the whole house having mismatching dressings. Also, don’t use floor-length curtains in the kitchen and other high traffic areas, since they will get dirty really fast and be much harder to maintain.
Remove Existing Window Coverings and Nearby Objects
Whatever may be covering your windows at the moment, whether they’re blinds, curtains, drapes, or so on, should be removed first. This is especially true for anything that’s fragile.
You’ll need your windows to be bare before you do anything major to them, especially since you’ll have to clean them before installing your new dressing.
You’ll also have to remove whatever may be near the windows, like paintings, posters, shelves, furniture, lamps, etc. This is to ensure nothing gets destroyed or causes an accident during the cleaning and installation process.
Clean the Windows and Surrounding Area
After removing all those objects, you must then clean the windows and everything else around it. Not only is this to prepare the windows for the dressing, but also to keep the dressing from getting dirty once installed and to make everything look fresh.
If your home is cleaned regularly in every nook and cranny, then this shouldn’t be that hard of a process. However, if your windows do need some cleaning, then you should use a good quality window cleaner to freshen up that glass, as well as all the other parts like the sill, grilles, rails, and the whole frame.
Protect Your Floors and Belongings
You need to make sure nothing in the vicinity gets dirtied or destroyed. The floor and whatever you can’t entirely remove should be covered in something like plastic sheeting, tarpaulin, or canvas drop cloths.
Newspapers may also work in a pinch, but they won’t be as good at covering compared to the aforementioned materials. If there are things in the room that can’t be entirely removed, then move them as far away from the windows as you can and cover them if necessary.
Clear the Way
Have a designated path from your front door to the room to make it easy for people doing the job to go back and forth. You’ll also have to cordon off the room and the path so no one who’s not involved with the job at hand can get in the way, including children and pets.
The workers will be carrying heavy materials in and out of your home, so make sure there’s nothing in the way that obstructs, is fragile, or is valuable. You’ll also have to turn off security and alarm systems in that area so they don’t get inadvertently tripped.

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