Guest Blog: 5 New 3-D Tools Allow Users to Try on Home Decor

by Jenny Zhu
The best thing about advanced technology is that it makes our lives easier in ways unimagined before. For example, who would have thought that we would be able to design our homes in 3-D and get a sense of its style by handling an app on our smart devices? Or who would have imagined that phones could be so advanced to hold such technology?


The online world helps us transform projects into reality by creating an interior design space at the click of a button. Now everything’s easier, faster, and thus, cheaper, if using these tools. Here are five 3-D interior design apps and tools to "try on" home decor and therefore, choose which options fit your personal preferences the best. Check them out and let us know what you think in the comments section – we highly appreciate the feedback!
1. IKEA Home Planner
You can now plan both your kitchen and dining room by using this useful IKEA app. First step is choosing your furniture and setting it up as you wish; next, you will be rearranging it as you wish within the house and trying on as many styles as you want to. You can view your rooms in 3-D and print (yes, with all measurements included, that’s right!), exactly like an architect would. You can also get an approximate price to see how much this whole process would cost you.

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After you’ve decided on the style, color, and arrangement types, you can save your digital blueprint and print it out at the closest IKEA store. There, you can get assistance on various products that you’ve included in your home plan and purchase those necessary items. You could customize your room even after arrival at the store, but that might cost you a few bucks extra.
2. Homestyler Interior Design
This is another one of the best interior design apps, as Homestyler Interior Design allows you to build 2-D as well as 3-D accurate floor plans and view measurements with just a few clicks. You can also decorate your personal space with various furniture options, paint your room any color you enjoy, and add your own designs and models to the house plan. The coolest thing is that you can visualize the whole experience and design according to your wishes!

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The process is easy to follow as there are just a few steps to consider: first, you’ll need to build your 2-D floorplan, then you should decorate according to your scheme using 3-D, and last but not least, walk through your 720 panorama view to watch your home decor. Easy peasy, yet super effective and helpful!
3. Planner 5D
This is the perfect app for creating your dream home, as Planner 5D uses a 2-D/3-D home design tool specially crafted for these situations. The first thing you’ll do within this app is sketch out your layout and find a purposeful design – you should create your personalized floor plan and then, choose the right furniture and home decor items. Here, you could also switch the setting to 3-D to make it spicier and easier to visualize, as you do have this option! By using 3-D, you are free to edit and explore as you wish.

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The next thing you can do is edit your colors, materials, and patterns and create outstanding furniture, floors, walls, etc. You can adjust your interior design items as you wish to make them perfectly suitable for you. Last thing: visualize and share your work with others. It’s realistic, it features the necessary lighting and color, and it definitely resembles a home photograph!
4. Visualize Color
Visualize Color is one of the best apps to generate a proper color palette for your home. The tool is user-friendly and easy to manipulate. All you must do is upload a picture of the room you wish to paint (say, your living room) or choose an image from the app’s library (in case you are not quite sure yet what your room will look like). Next thing you do is select a color palette and keep trying on colors until you find one that matches your room style!

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Another cool thing you can do within this app is acquire your own color palette from a customized image that you like. You just have to pick an order and voila! Your room has completely refreshed itself and looks new. Unfortunately, I must mention that this app can only be used online, meaning printing digital blueprints is out of the discussion. Thus, your phone/tablet/PC/laptop are the only viable options.
5. Housecraft
Augmented reality made it easier for us again to see our home furniture in almost real shape and form. By using your iPhone or iPad camera, you can place your favorite furniture anywhere throughout your house and see how it would fit in. Thus, this is a perfect planning app that could help you get a gist of how various objects would look within your home. This is really useful for anybody but especially for those of you who are apartment hunting, reorganizing your room, or on the verge of buying new home decor. The coolest thing is that you can resize anything by using Housecraft, literally watching how big objects would fit in.
Choosing a home style that fits your preferences is highly important from the start, since spending money on numerous personal designers can get quite expensive. These new apps and tools will help you imagine your house scheme after the necessary modifications, giving you a gist of how your home will look like by the end of the layout process. Make sure you choose a tool that fits both your pocket and interests the best to maximize your inner designer potential! Good luck!

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