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5 Health Benefits of Electric Adjustable Beds

Mar 12, 2022by Guest Blogger

Purpose designed for safety and stability, electric adjustable beds are an excellent addition for aged and home care settings. Typically, this sleep furniture is reserved for elderly people and those with serious mobility issues. In recent years, however, its health benefits are drawing more and more people in.

Adjustable Bed

Beyond their adaptation to the individual needs of each user, these beds also provide a raft of ongoing health benefits. Electric adjustable beds adjust one’s sleeping position while keeping the head elevated. As you will see in this list, this results in countless wellbeing advantages.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the 5 key health benefits of electric adjustable beds.

1. Vital Assistance for Mobility Issues

One of the fundamental benefits of electric adjustable beds lies in offering greater independence for the user. This is particularly important for the elderly and those with general mobility issues. The user can enter the bed at a low height and slowly raise it to their preferred level.

Adjustable beds work well across both aged care and home care settings – not only for the patient, but also for careers and support staff. In the case of people with low mobility, the consistent function of these beds can reduce the pain associated with movement.

For patients with circulation and swelling conditions, doctors will often recommend buying beds with adjustable sleep positions.

2. Aiding Back Pain and Arthritis

Adjustable beds provide excellent spinal support. Back support stays strong throughout the night, regardless of the height you adjust it to. When using this bed, the spine is aligned in the correct position and prevents conditions such as sciatica.

How? The mattress position can be easily adjusted through a remote, while the headrest remains in a raised position that still promotes circulation.

If someone is in the middle of treatment or recovering after surgery, this arrangement will help to ease the pain associated with getting in and out of bed. In addition, the robust base also works to lower the occurrence of general back aches and pains.

3. Better Sleep and Digestion

The benefits of electric adjustable beds are not limited to those with health conditions. In fact, these beds can provide anyone with an improved sleep cycle. Adjustable beds are purpose designed to improve the way we sleep, ensuring proper position, spinal support and the optimal headrest.

Digestion issues are common. Unfortunately, certain sleep habits will only add to the problem and further bring about symptoms. This generally occurs when lying in a flat position. By keeping the upper body raised during sleep, electric adjustable beds can reduce instances of heartburn and acid reflux.

Regardless of whether you suffer from a direct digestion condition or experience the occasional onset, a medical professionals can evaluate your situation and prescribe an adjustable bed (when required).

Adjustable Bed Remote

4. Help with Respiratory Conditions

Motorized adjustable bedding is not only for those in aged or home care settings. If you suffer from sleep apnea, asthma or persistent snoring, electric adjustable beds provide vital assistance with each sleep.

How does this work? Elevating the head during sleep can increase airflow and reduce blockages to the nasal passages. Essentially, propping yourself up is a great way to lower the likelihood of various respiratory based sleep disorders. In addition, these beds are a recommended option for those with asthma and allergies.

Electric adjustable beds can also come with massage functions. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with blood circulation issues as the inbuilt massaging will help to stimulate the flow.

5. Reduced Leg Swelling

Another health area aided by electric beds surrounds swelling and related conditions. Edema is a common issue in which swelling occurs as a result of tissue build-up in the limbs. This can affect arms, legs, feet, hands and other joints.

So, how exactly do electric adjustable beds assist? By keeping the relevant limbs elevated above the heart, circulation remains at the optimum level and swelling should decrease. Further, body pressure issues are also relieved, resulting in superior comfort during and after sleep.

Considerations for Electric Adjustable Beds

As you can see, electric adjustable beds offer a plethora of health benefits. This not only includes superior comfort for a well-rounded sleep, but also help with serious conditions and mobility issues. Whether you need assistance with long-term health concerns or assistance during rehab, the ergonomic design is purpose built to aid people in all walks of life.

Before you buy, remember to verify certification to medical guidelines and regulations. This shouldn’t be a problem if you opt for a proven brand or supplier. Numerous Australian manufacturers directly specialize in electric adjustable bedding and continue to push the boundaries of design ingenuity.

If you are interested in making the switch, your best bet is to speak to a medical professional for advice.

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