Guest Blog: 5 Creative Ways to Decorate with Plants

by Jenny Zhu
Have you ever noticed that plants help to make a room brighter and more welcoming? Not only do plants clean the air inside our homes and help reduce anxiety and stress, but they also make aesthetically pleasing decor.
While it may be tempting to leave your plant in the plastic nursery pot it came in, there are better ways to showcase your living décor. Here are some unique ways to decorate with plants.
Plant decor
Plant Shelf
Especially if you start to run out of counter space, shelves are an amazing way to display your houseplants. Since shelves tend to be eye-level, your plants will get maximum visibility so you remember to water, trim, and polish their leaves. Trailing plants like pothos and heart-leaf philodendron look particularly stunning on a shelf.
propagation plant photo
Propagation Station
Propagation is the act of multiplying your plants from cuttings. For most plants, propagation involves trimming a piece off the plant and submerging it in water. If you have a glass bottle left over, you can remove the label and use it as a propagation vessel. Crowding several propagation bottles makes for a cute DIY decoration.
plant stand
Floor Plants
Run out of table space? Your floor offers an unexpected place to decorate with plants. Large plants tend to hold their own on the floor, but small plants work just as well. Plant stands are another way to elevate shorter plants so they’re more visible. 
hanging plants
Hanging Plants
Hanging plants are a fun and dynamic way to add greenery to every inch of your home. Trailing plants look particularly stylish in a hanging planter, since they have lots of room to grow downwards. Some great plants for a hanging pot are string of pearls and air plants.
Climbing Plant Wall
Did you know it’s possible to create a stunning plant wall, right in your home? Vine plants like pothos can be coaxed into climbing a wall by hanging them on Command hooks. The result is a sprawling vine wall that will make your home feel like an indoor jungle. 
What are some fun ways you’ve decorated with plants? Let us know in the comments below!
Author Bio:
Guest Blogger Mia BallanMia Ballan is the founder of Potière, a plant styling blog. Learn more by visiting and following @potiere on Instagram.


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