Guest Blog: 5 Awesome Modern Home Renovation Tips

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Does your home feel outdated and desperately in need of a transformation? Are you looking to make your traditionally designed space more contemporary? It may be time to take on a modernizing home renovation.
Modern Flooring designs are all about function and simplicity. Straight lines and clean shapes dominate the aesthetic. The number one rule of this minimalist style is that less is more.

Home Renovation Project

There is a range of projects that can bring new life to your out-of-date home. Some are major renovations, while some are smaller projects that still have the potential for big impact. Check out these tips for revamping your home to a crisp new space.
1. Industrial Flooring 
Looking for a renovation that will completely revamp the look and feel of your home? Your flooring can set the foundation for the rest of your decor. Installing a modern floor will instantly transform your home.
Concrete and epoxy are the ultimate minimalist flooring material. Their industrial vibes make a space feel ultra-modern. They can also both be dyed or stained and finished in a variety of sheens so you can fully customize the look you want.
Tile is also a great, classic choice for modern flooring. Large, neutral tiles provide a perfect base of simplicity. You can also choose tiles with geometric designs in shades of black and grey to make a bold statement. 
Other, unexpected floor choices are being made modern. Sleek, grey cork is a good option when comfort is a priority. Hardwood or laminate can even fit in modern design in shades of grey with less visible grain.

sleek gray flooring

2. Sleek Kitchen Design
Your kitchen is likely the heart of your home. This epicenter of your daily life is the perfect place to base your decor aesthetic. Modernize your kitchen with sleek designs and functional fixtures for the maximum impact. 
Replacing outdated wooden cabinetry with clean cabinet options and shelves can instantly modernize a kitchen. Want the same impact but with a lower budget? Consider having your existing cabinets refaced with more streamlined doors to completely transform their look. 
Countertops make up a good deal of the kitchen’s surface so choosing yours wisely is essential to creating a cohesive design. Clean, neutral tones in materials like quartz go well with modern decor. Concrete countertops are also a great choice that creates an simple, industrial feel.
Finish your kitchen design with thoughtfully selected fixtures. Gold is having a big moment and a matte brass faucet can look stunning over a modern sink. Cabinet hardware is optional in modern design, but if you prefer it, look for simple and refined shapes and colors. The trick to a well designed, contemporary kitchen is pulling it all together while keeping the look clean and effortless.
3. Revamp Lighting
Lighting plays a big part in the overall appearance of your home. Many times, lighting is overlooked in decor as it is seen as largely functional. However, it makes a significant impact on the design and feel of a space.
Illuminate your rooms with well thought out light fixtures. Look for overhead lights that make a statement but still provide for a well-lit room. Sleek, geometric designs with bright LED bulbs add to modern decor while still being functional. 
Contemporary decor is all about clean lines. Consider ways that lighting can be integrated into your decor to create a streamlined look. LED lights can be installed over cabinets and within tray ceilings to provide stylish, accent lighting. Mirrors with built-in LED lighting can provide the ultimate, functional light source for bathrooms.

update the exterior of your home

4. Update The Exterior
The outside of your home is the first impression others receive. Bring some modern curb appeal to your exterior for a big impact. There are both huge and small changes you can make to update your home’s exterior.
A modern front door can set the tone for a stunningly simple entryway. Designs with geometric windows and sleek lines bring sophistication to the front of your home. You can choose a classic black color or make a statement with a crisp, modern paint tone. Oversized door handles in clean designs add to the impact.
Replacing dated windows can bring new life to both your interior and exterior. Look for simple, open window designs with minimal panes and lines. Black trimmed windows have become very popular for the contemporary look they can bring to the outside of homes.
No matter the exterior material of your home, there are projects that can make it more modern. Brick exteriors can be painted a solid neutral color like white or grey for a sleeker, updated look. Siding can also be painted a more contemporary color or replaced with modern wood siding. Adding features with clean lines will add interest to the exterior while keeping the aesthetic simple.
5. Create an Open Feel
Modern design is all about form and function. Open up the spaces in your home to make them feel clean and unencumbered. Focus on creating an airy feel with simple lines and shapes.
You may opt the change your layout by removing walls to create a more open floor plan. Focus on eliminating unneeded structures between the living spaces for a low-fuss feel. This encourages an uncluttered and functional feel.
Adding or enlarging windows can also open up your space. Windows can let more light in, making your space appear airier. They also provide a view to the natural world, a perfect juxtaposition to a modern interior. 
Replacing an outdated banister or railing can elevate your home’s style. Opening up your staircase can also make a big impact. Look for modern railings that are functional and simply designed. Materials like steel cable, iron, and glass can all provide structure with crisp lines.
Whether you chose to completely redesign your home or make smaller changes, your actions will lead to a simpler, more serene space. From completely renovating flooring to switching out light fixtures, a modern style is accessible and possible for every home. You can create eye-catching curb appeal and make your spaces feel airier.
Your more modern home will create a soothing vibe that functions beautifully and efficiently. It will be more welcoming and feel much calmer. You and your guests are sure to enjoy your bright and harmonious new space.

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