Guest Blog: 3 Emerging Styles In Contemporary Furniture

1 comment Aug 12, 2020by Jenny Zhu
What’s exciting in the world of contemporary furniture? With so many new fads out there, it can seem overwhelming, so we’ve compiled a short guide to 2020’s top trends. Trends can move quickly in the design world, and while fads may be fleeting, there are key things to look for that identify a great style that will outlast a passing fad. Read on to discover three exciting and emerging styles in the contemporary furniture landscape.

modern leather furniture

1. Updated Leather
Leather chairs and couches are not new to the furniture scene by any means, but the element of grounding they bring to any room cannot be understated. Expect to see more leather accents making their way into design in unexpected ways, including chair accents, rugs, wall hangings, tables, and pieces of art. Pairing different types and colors of leather in a single piece is another trendy design feature that continues to grow in popularity. These two-toned elements bring with them a balance of both the masculine and the feminine, so don’t be afraid to combine these polarities to mix up and blend your space accordingly.

modern wood furniture

2. Modern Wood
Wood is a traditional material that will never go out of style. But lately, the use of wood has grown in popularity by leaps and bounds, with the trend expected to continue through 2020 and beyond. Whether you bring in wood flooring to your kitchen, add more wooden elements to your bathroom or living area, or even add in a home bar, adding wood to your home can bring in a new level of earthiness to your environment.
People inherently want to feel connected to their surroundings, and bringing in elements of nature to home design can help to do that. Whether it’s a contextually fitting element or the ideal counterpoint to modernize an existing area, wood is a timeless but chic material.

navy blue sofa

3. Navy is the New Black
While black has always been a timeless and traditional color, one of 2020’s strongest design trends involves more navy elements at home. Navy is being used in fresh and modern ways like livening up a white room or pairing it with other complementary colors such as mint-green and pink. A navy couch or love seat anchors a space without feeling heavy and offers a versatile neutral backdrop for the rest of your decor.
Designers are also leaving behind black accents and trading them out for navy accents instead. Navy side chairs, coffee tables, or curtains can bring a modern look without seeming overly nautical.
If you’ve been wanting to give your interior a fresh new feel, 2020 is a great year to do so. Use these tips as a jumping point for inspiration, but don’t forget to get creative and make the space your own!

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