Guest Blog: 16 Trending Home Decor Tips to Try This Year

Apr 8, 2020by Jenny Zhu
Let us face it; nobody wants his or her home losing touch or that fancy appeal. Nevertheless, the fact is that your house won’t look good simply because you want it to – you need to put in the extra effort.

16 Trending Home Decor Tips to Try This Year

In most cases, spicing up your home does not cost a fortune. Well, unless you plan to buy luxury items to add to the space. Whether you are working on a budget or free to spend, there are different tips for everyone. Here, you will find 16 of the best home decor tips that you need to explore.
1. Only display necessary items
Not everything fits to meet the eyes of your guests. Make sure that what you have inside the living room or any other area of the house is eye-catchy. There is no need to have tons of items that do not add value to your home. Perhaps most of them even deduct from your home's appeal, if anything.
Less is more, especially in small apartments or spaces. Clutter makes your room less appealing. Not that you need essentials only in your home, but dwell more on the important stuff, while disregarding the unnecessary items. If you are worried about disposing them, then what do you have a store for anyway?
2. Remember the ceiling
Many often overlook the ‘fifth wall’ or popularly known as the ceiling. Yes, you have the best wallpaper and furniture, and everything else in your space looks attractive, but what about up there?
Although not many guests focus on the ceilings, being unique, and making sure yours stands out will probably get their necks turning. Come up with a feature ceiling that will impress at first sight.
3. Set wall-mounted lights
Beautiful lighting, anyone? Nothing beats a well-lit home at night. Make use of your wall surfaces to light up your home. Aside from the beauty aspect, wall-mount lighting also helps you free up space on the ceiling. The aim, ultimately, is to avoid overcrowding.
4. Mix
Matching is excellent, but mixing is better this year. Instead of one form of style or color, consider trying out several of them at once. For instance, you can mix old and new furniture to come up with a brilliant formal and casual appeal inside your house. Conversely, you can have a neutral and bold style at the same time to bring in that contemporary and conventional touch.
5. Old is gold, always
Never forget to add some historical elements or antiques to your space. As much as they may look ancient, they have that unique and appealing outlook. Besides, it seems like everyone is turning back to their roots and appreciating what was outstanding a while back.
6. Use paint to your advantage
While you may be quick to assume that paint is a conventional method of spicing up your space, you need to stop and think once more. You can use color to add that sense of drama required inside your house.
Whether through DIY ideas or by hiring a seasoned designer, you can create different paint styles that will influence the overall look of your house. Achieving that wow factor is no longer a challenge if you get things right.
7. Consider stone sinks
Ceramic and stainless steel sinks are high, as they look fantastic. However, it would help if you were open-minded to picking other variants that equally have a positive influence on your space. For instance, you may want to give stone sinks a chance this year. It not only brings a dash of traditional beauty but also gives you an organic appeal in your kitchen. Never assume that guests will not visit your kitchen. In essence, most, if not all, of your female friends will want a glimpse of your kitchen. Something as stunning as a soapstone sink will be heartwarming.
8. Using velvet furniture
This year needs you to transition your room with a velvet touch. Velvet has that way of turning things into beautiful masterpieces. You can use them in your sofas with two of the best hues: fuchsia and purple.
9. Being creative with the wallpaper
Who said that wallpapers only apply to walls? Yes, they have the name 'wall' paper, but you can still go against the norm and apply them to different spaces. For instance, have you ever thought of using them up there? In case you even do not understand where we mean – on your ceiling. As much as you think it is queer, you will shift your mind immediately you try out the idea.
10. Keep furniture a safe distance from the walls
Your furniture should drift towards the center of the room as opposed to leaning on the walls. This will leave enough space that complements the look of your house. How else would guests notice the new wallpaper or paint if not through keeping your furniture from the walls?
11. Use your storage space adequately
Why else would construction workers create a storage room for you, if not for storing extra items you do not use? You need to make good use of the storage room to store things that are eating up your space in either the kitchen or living room.
12. Creating more space through the illusion
You can employ creativity to trick people's eyes into believing your area is more extensive. Some of the decorating ideas that achieve this fete easily include placing art high on the walls. The best thing is that you do not need an interior designer to do so – DIY.
13. Using mirrors
Mirrors have worked since time memorial to create a larger space from a small room. They have never failed to work, especially for small-sized apartments. You can place them strategically adjacent to the windows. This creates an illusion as if there is another window altogether.
14. Letting in enough light
Sometimes what your house needs is lighting only. Make sure that your space is well lit for guests to see all the fine details present.
15. Faking a tall ceiling
This is easy to achieve by merely painting the crown molding and baseboard using the same color.
16. If possible, create a conversation corner
Not many have these spots, but they are ideal. For those quiet conversations that not everyone should hear, a conversation corner would be appropriate.
The above exciting and unique tips are excellent and effective for use in home decor this year. Break out of the norm and try these beautiful ideas for positive results.
Whether you are operating on a tight budget or have enough to spare for your home decor, there are distinct ideas present. You only need to choose the ones that suit you best. Overall, the above ideas are budget-friendly and competent for most, if not all, homeowners.

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