Give Your Bedroom a Fresh Update for Spring with These 6 Tips

2 comments Mar 20, 2019by Kimberly Foerst
Sometimes your bedroom gets forgotten about when you think about redecorating or updating for a season. Truly a tragedy, your bedroom is the one and only place where you are the master of your domain.
So, give it the attention it deserves. Freshen it up and add some style for spring to keep you happy and at peace when you rest your head on the pillow! In fact, here are a handful of simple tips to update the look and feel of your boudoir without breaking the bank.
1. Change It Up. Simply moving around your bedroom furniture or removing a few pieces can give the room an entirely fresh, new feel. And it’s absolutely free!

Erindale 3 Piece Quilt Set

2. Put Your Old Linens to Bed. Changing the duvet cover, bedspread, sheets, or throw pillows is an easy way to update your bedroom on a budget. As the focal point of every bedroom, the actual bed is your key player. Pick some new bedding, and add or switch out your throw pillows or blanket, but don’t be afraid to take chances.
Pick a bright, happy color for spring, or go with pure white for a crisp, clean palette that can be accessorized in fun ways. Or you can choose a bold pattern to spice things up! At Lush Decor, you can search our selection of affordable comforter sets and soft cotton quilt sets to match exactly what you are looking for with incredible value and quality.
3. Shed Some Light. A crucial part of any room, the lighting can make or break whether a space is relaxing and inviting. To make your bedroom a peaceful haven, look to bedside lamps for soft lighting options. Switching up a lampshade or buying an entirely new lamp can change the whole vibe of a room. You may even consider getting sleek wall-mounted lighting or go big with an elegant chandelier hanging from your ceiling.

Grommet Sheer With Insulated Blackout Curtains by Lush Decor

4. Curtain Call. Rethinking your window coverings or shades is a fantastic way to make your bedroom the go-to spot for chilling and snoozing. Pretty pastel or bright, vibrant colors, patterned and textured materials, beautiful and funky adornments, and so much more will always keep you in a good light. We recommend layering a sheer curtain with a blackout curtain so that you can have plenty of natural light during the day, but keep the room dark while you're trying to sleep.
5. Pull the Rug Out. Time to put your feet top of mind. Think about rolling out of bed and enjoying the soft tickle of a new shag rug under your toes. It only takes a second but can brighten your mood for the rest of the day. Purchasing a new rug in a soothing spring color or interesting texture can turn your bedroom from a snooze into a sanctuary.

Fabric Covered Storage Boxes

6. What’s in Store. Keep your clutter at bay by adding some closet organizers, woven baskets, fabric storage bins in cool colors or patterns, shoe racks and more. Unique storage options are available to give your bedroom the clean sweep and give everything its place.
Inject some energy, color, and good vibes into the place where you sleep every night with Lush Decor! We are the ultimate resource for stylish bedding, shower curtains, window treatments, accessories, and many other products. Browse our website today to open up your world of decorating possibilities!


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    Hi, Ami. The floral one pictured in the article is our Erindale Quilt Set. You can click the image to be taken to the product information page. We also show a floral patchwork quilt set in the Blog Index for this post, and that’s our Roesser Quilt Set, which you can type into the search box on this page to bring it right up.

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