Gift-Giving Guide to National Parents’ Day

by Jenny Zhu
We’re coming up on a holiday that lets us show those who raised us (as well as other mothers and fathers near and dear to our hearts) love and lifelong gratitude — National Parents’ Day! This commemorative holiday falls on July 26th and serves as a complement to the other parent-focused holidays (Mother’s Day and Father’s Day) during the summer.

Happy Parents' Day

Like any special milestone in someone’s life that you cherish, coming up with a gift idea can seem like a daunting task. But we’re here to reassure you that it doesn’t have to be! With Lush Decor, we guarantee that you’ll find something that will brighten their day and give areas throughout their home a fresh and rejuvenated look. Since we understand that no two parents are alike, we invite you to browse through our wide variety of designs to find what perfectly suits their tastes — or introduces them to one they never thought they’d have!
To get you started thinking about what you’d like to gift for National Parents’ Day this year, let’s take a look at some objectives you can focus on:

Enjoying the Little Things
Sometimes, the ideal present is something that provides a way to relax and unwind. Whether your parent frequently cozies up under a throw blanket or has a knack for tasteful throw pillows, our accessories are ideal for the home dweller, the dinner party host, or simply the design-inclined! Depending on their existing aesthetic, we have plenty of pattern and color options to fit right into their space.

Hotel Geo Duvet Cover Set by Lush Decor

Staying Cool and Comfortable
While decorative pillows and throw blankets can quickly liven up any living space, perhaps you’d like to take it a step further with bedding! While bedding for the master bedroom may be something you’d like some consultation on, you may consider helping them make the most out of other areas throughout the home, such as the guest room or room with a daybed.

Appreciating Your Parenting Partner
While this day is an excellent opportunity to acknowledge your own parents, it’s also an opportunity to show your partner-in-parenting extra appreciation. Whether you’re looking for window treatments to spruce up their at-home office space or living room curtains that you think they’ll love, National Parents’ Day is the perfect time of year to show appreciation.
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