Finding The Balance Between Photo-Ready & Well Lived In Spaces

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Everyone likes to take pictures of their gorgeous, perfectly styled bedroom, living room or kitchen when a redecorating project is complete. But your home is meant to be used by your family and even pets. So how do you maintain the staged home look while living in it? We asked popular Instagram users who post beautiful photos of their homes for their tips on keeping the balance.

 Finding The Balance Between Photo-Ready & Well Lived In Spaces

5 Popular Instagram Users Share Their Tips on How to Find Balance Between Photo-Ready Design and Well Lived In Spaces

Debbie BaldwinInstagram is the perfect way of showing the world your style. Creating a real life balance between function and beauty is the key. A true sense of harmony can be accomplished by being neat and tidy, by using baskets, drawers and closet organizers.
Instagrammers can acquire lots of “stuff’-- for example, I sometimes have 8 or more throw cushions on my bed. I LOVE bedding... sheets, duvets, shabby quilts and pillows galore. Where do those pillows go when it’s time for sleep?
Key design elements in your bedroom can solve this problem. A chair, loveseat, ottoman, wicker basket or a large laundry style metal basket on wheels is the answer.  When I feel inspired, have the time and the energy, have picked or purchased fresh flowers, that’s when I take photos of my home. I love the decorating part, the “staging”, but I also have a deep respect for the photography aspect as well.
Debbie Baldwin – / @daisyhillbedandbreakfast on Instagram
PamandPoppyI like things tidy, but any picture I post on Instagram has what I call over the shoulder stuff. Things I just move out of the way for a picture. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to do this.
Our house isn’t always a perfect square, very seldom in fact. We live here. My advice: give everything a home and put it in its place. Sounds cliche, I know, but it works for me. That makes it easier when you are ready to snap and post.
Most of the time you see a small snapshot, just a glimpse of a room. Just remember there’s probably a mess just out of view and that’s okay .
Pam James – @pammyandpoppy on Instagram
Larissa JenkinsWhen I style my home, I gravitate towards timeless and durable pieces, whether it be furniture or fabrics. For example, when choosing bed linens, I always go with a bedspread that is not only beautiful but also needs to be comfortable as well as durable.
Once the perfectly staged Instagram photo has been taken and the camera has been put away, the bedspread stays on the bed. It is not packed away and brought out again for another photo shoot. I actually use it daily.
It is very important that the items in my home not only look elegant, but are very functional as well. This helps a lot when transitioning from an Instagram photo to the reality of what my home actually looks like in real life.
Larissa Jenkins – @larissa_jenkins on Instagram
CarolynBalance. One word... not simple, but possible, really possible! Understanding THAT, my friends, is why Instagram has made me LOVE my home, and posting photos of my home!

It’s not easy to get that perfect picture, we all know that. Researching daily decor tags; finding the perfect space, lighting, item; pulling it all together; taking the photo; editing; posting and tagging the photo; then putting everything back the way it was -- because let’s face it, we don’t sleep with chippy paint trays loaded with antique books and tea cups on our bed!

Remember, no one outside of you sees beyond the borders of that gorgeous square you post. So if there’s dishes you’ve cleaned but haven’t put away yet, or a bed upstairs that isn’t made, that’s an item on your to do list you can get back to later. Because that’s real life, and everyone is grateful that squares only reveal what we want them to!

Your home is a reflection of you, the unique beauty you display on your feed, the crazy, sometimes messy organized chaos that exists outside the cameras view, enjoy it all......just find your balance.
Carolyn Kerr – @ourhomeonwoodhill on Instagram
Nicole KoblichAs a girl on a budget, I always try to find a balance between decorating with items that are not only pretty but also functional. My favorite thing to do is reuse unexpected items for something other than their original purpose. Take everyday items, such as a bathroom garbage bin and replace it with something a bit more stylish. Get creative by choosing things such as a galvanized metal bucket, an old wooden barrel, or even a ceramic planter instead. Get organized by selecting alternatives to those ugly plastic bins. Utilizing wicker/woven or wire baskets, mason jars, glass jars, etc is a great way to add texture and create a clean uncluttered area.
Lately, I also love adding greenery to freshen up my space by introducing lots of plants. There is something so pleasing about the aesthetic plants add to a room. Have fun with it and search for unique pots, mugs, cups, bowls or anything that could be used as a planter at estate or garage sales! Heck I've even found plants in cute planters at estate sales! I seriously cannot get enough greenery!
Nicole Koblich – / @colziegirl on Instagram


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