Guest Blog: A Minimal Home Favorite: The Use of Marble Flooring

Jun 16, 2021by Jenny Zhu
Marble is of the most classic, indispensable mines of decoration and has been a highly preferred material by home owners and interior designers for many years. In the 1950s marble was seen in heavy furniture and rich workmanship, then later in the main kitchen and bathroom products, and is now finally seen in minimal design! 
If you want to make this natural yet modern, timeless material a part of home decor, you may want to take a look at our suggestions on how to stylishly do so!
Marble Types and Patterns in Decoration
Marble utilized in decoration and house construction are named according to criteria such as hardness, pattern, natural color of the mine from which they are extracted. When used in decoration, you can choose marble depending on the atmosphere of the room or the decor.
The most common type of marble you will encounter in minimal home decor is Calacatta marble, or Carrara marble. The common use of this marble in houses, which we encounter especially in Italian designs, provides a clean look that illuminates the interior. At the same time, you can choose Calcutta marble for stylish coffee tables, which allows you to use white and gold tones together which makes for a classy look.
Reflecting the power and nobility of black, Alexandrette Black Marble, on the other hand, is a type of marble that is mostly admired for its heavy appearance in furniture or decor. However, with this dark atmosphere, its applications are more common on furniture than on the house structure because of its extraordinary dark, sophisticated tone.
Star Galaxy Granite is a type that is used especially on kitchen countertops with its unobtrusive appearance. This material, which colors the weight of black with sparkles in it, is also among the mostly preferred marbles due to its elegance and its ability to coincide with many décor styles.

Wood and marble kitchen

Material Duets in Minimal Decor: Marble and Other Elements
Marble is a massive material that is shaped and not treated much as it is mined. So imagine that a single tub can be made out of an entire marble stone. Of course, if you want, you can choose decoration products supported with other materials instead of massive marble molds that are difficult to move. 
Using criteria such as the simplicity or complexity of your patterns, the brightness or opacity of the marble can help you decide the marble you want to go with and how you want to incorporate it into your space.
Marble is a cold mineral, while wood is more of a natural, warm material which allows them to compliment one another. With these contrasts, the reflective appearance of marble and the matte and full appearance of wood can be used as a stylish decoration piece. 
Even if they are not combined in the same product this contrast still makes for stylish decor. Using wooden furniture on a marble floor, for example, supports this contrasted style.
With massive marble tables, thin and colored metal legs are one of the products you can see frequently. 
These decoration pieces, which are both heavy and solid and have a minimal linearity, have become indispensable for living spaces.
Gold marble
Gold/Rose Gold
Gold or colored rose gold, which can be applied both directly to the texture of the marble and combined as pieces on the marble, are examples of the most used aesthetic products today. 
This combination, which provides a stylish look not only in living area furniture but also in bathroom and kitchen fixtures, will definitely enlighten your home.
The mirror unexpectedly creates an aesthetic union with the glossy and reflective surface of the marble. If you wish, you can use the massive weight of the marble as a support or choose a marble frame.
Marble used in bathroom
Use of Marble in Bathroom and Kitchen Decoration
The important thing in minimal home designs is "Less is more." For this reason, it is important that the details do not overbear the minimal bathroom and kitchen decorations and that the whole space is in harmony. A mass metal like marble is the favorite material of minimal design.
In addition to using marble on the floor and walls, you can choose different varieties of marble, which can be used in countertops, bathtubs and sinks, depending on the weight and atmosphere of the room. For example, white marble or pink marble is mostly preferred in bathrooms, while dark tones such as coffee in kitchens are among the popular types. It is also common for the same marble to be used throughout a home to tie the rooms together and keep things cost effective and simple.
At the same time, bathroom and kitchen products made of marble can be an economical choice. Instead of making changes to the house structure, you can add a marble aesthetic to your home with these types of items.
Marble shelf with plant
Marble Decoration in Living Areas
We mentioned that marble, which can be used as a smooth and clean table, can be easily used in decoration. You can choose it especially for tables, balcony or garden furniture for outdoor use.
You can also use marble as a surface for headboards or shelves. It can also be used in details such as coasters and wall decorations if you do not want to use it for something large
Another area where we often encounter the look of marble is in office supplies. You will love the harmony that the pattern of marble brings that is seen on pencil cases, notepads, lighting and even candle holders. There are so many ways to incorporate marble whether you choose to use marble alone or mixed marble with other elements, use it in large slabs or as small decor such as coasters, or in a smaller quantity in faux form such as using a marble patterned notebook. How will you choose to tie marble into your home? Let us know in the comments below!
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