6 Extraordinary Christmas Decorating Ideas

Dec 1, 2021by Guest Blogger

Christmas decorating has become a tradition for generations and is an activity everyone can partake in in order to bond, spend time with loved ones and so on, and with the count down to Christmas starting it is likely you'd like to start getting festive! However, putting up Christmas decorations does not need to be extravagant. You can use even the simplest décor you have at home. If you don’t have any idea how to decorate, here are some ideas that can help you get the job done easily!

Christmas tree decor

A Pop of Color

While many of us spend Christmas at home for safety, we must ensure it will be a joyful season! This can be done by adding colorful Christmas decorations, making for a cheery environment. Using metallic ornaments brings you from a conventional to a livelier environment. Why not try rich colors like purple and blue with an accent of gold? You can try a DIY project for candle holders. Spray the bottle with gold spray paint and use them as candle stands or vases.

The Christmas tree is at the core of the living room during this holiday season. Let it shine by adding colorful balls and other accessories to the tree. Change the usual cushion covers with ones in plaid or festive hues. Decorate the shelves, display units, and window sills with Christmas novelties.

holiday wreath

Deck up Your Front Door

Making a Christmas wreath is an exciting bonding activity for the family. It is a traditional decoration people usually put on the front door. Christmas is the season for the family and it is ideal to amplify the ambiance of your home giving a festive vibe. Putting the Christmas wreath on the front door conveys a message of love. It shows your home and family are ready to welcome joy, love, and peace during this holiday season, and to welcome the birth of our Savior. 

Wall-Mounted Wooden Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree is a popular symbol of the season. But not all of us have the traditional Christmas tree to decorate. Creating a minimalist wall-mounted wooden Christmas tree is a smart idea. You can use wooden shelves and stack them on the wall resembling a Christmas tree. Mount the pieces of wooden shelves onto the wall. You can either nail them or use adhesive. Put on multi-colored lights for a more festive look.
kids art

‘Memories of the Year’ Wall

Another extraordinary way to decorate is by creating the so-called “memories of the year” wall. All you have to do is print the pictures of fun moments for the entire year. Let your children put up their festive crafts or their favorite pictures of snowman, Santa Claus, and anything they think. Cover a major part of the wall and put on the pictures. It is not mere decoration but will make you reminisce the happy moments with your family. 

pinecone decor

Pine Cone Arrangements

Pinecones are a popular icon during the holiday season. Collect pine cones, put them inside a jar, and add some lights. You can also suspend the cones using a thread. There are ready-to-use colored pine cones. All you have to do is to make a perfect combination of colors. It is a very easy DIY project you can make with your kids. You can decorate a vintage lamp with pine cones and to use it as an outdoor decoration.

Christmas Mementos

There are many cute Christmas mementos to spruce up the ambiance of your home. Decorating some bells and small snowmen starts Christmas feel. You can find these accessories even from vintage shops like the grumpy Grinch and sled. These are a great addition to decoration pieces for Christmas.

When decorating for Christmas, focus not only on the living area but also on the other parts of your home. Decorate fairy lights and Christmas garland along the staircase banister, or hang decorative stockings. Using handmade and simple decorations is the best option. You can spare from spending too through DIY projects utilizing reusable and recyclable materials. Filling old glass bottles with string lights is a festive and quirky decoration for Christmas.

christmas car

As you want to sprinkle your home with the Christmas spirit, do not forget you can do it without breaking your budget. Regardless of how simple and money-saving the decorations are, they will create a perfect Christmas ambiance. You will learn more decorating ideas from SEO for real estate. As December is approaching, we must be ready to welcome the joyous season of love, peace, and joy into our homes. 

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