Embrace the Space: Making the Most of a Small Rental Space

by Alexa Robel
Decorating a space that you are renting to your liking could seem near impossible or at least very limiting, especially if you are living in a rather tight space or have a landlord who doesn’t like change. And because of the obvious fact that you will eventually vacate your rental space, it can be difficult to justify spending a great deal on the decor. But that doesn't mean you can't make it your own and get creative while you're at it. In this first edition of our new blog series ‘Embrace the Space’, we’ll discuss ways you can upgrade your small rental space by making the most of what you have and, in the end, love where you live. 
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Start With The Walls
What’s on your walls will determine the feel of the room. The obvious place to start is the paint color. If you aren’t into the paint color on your walls in a room, ask your landlord if you could repaint them. Chances are, they will be appreciative you are willing to upgrade the home in some way to begin with. Wallpaper or contact paper is a great way to add an accent wall and a splash of color in a bathroom, bedroom or even living room. Peel and stick wall tiles make for a great backsplash in the kitchen while also being affordable. The key here is to make sure what you are using is easily removable. Another way to make your walls reflect your style is with wall hangings, such as art or other hangable décor like shelving, decorative plates, macrame and so on. If your landlord is not keen to drilling or hammering nails into the wall to make this happen, Command adhesive strip hooks and similar products make a great alternative here.
Stylish Blinds
The style of blinds you have can make a huge impact on the look of a room, too. Bamboo , wood or fabric blinds offer a unique twist on traditional fabric blinds. Wood blinds are cost effective and remain functional too, blocking a great amount of light. Wood, depending on the color and finish, goes with so many décor styles, so it will not need to be changed out frequently.
Invest In What You Love
Big ticket items such as furniture and appliances also make an impact on the space you are living in, in terms of functionality and design. It is achievable to find these items at an affordable price, but there is nothing wrong with treating yourself too. If you don’t have to compromise on something you fell in love with, don’t! This space is still a reflection of you, and you deserve to display what you love. Since this is a rental space, you already know you’ll be heading out of this place at some point. You’ll want to make sure your investment pieces are items that you won’t mind bringing with you when the time comes to relocate.
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Work With What You Have
The things that seem insignificant can be the things that make all the difference in your space. Take cabinet knobs for example. Even though these seem like a small change, they could end up changing the look of cabinets that seemed like they had no hope. Other examples include end tables, kitchen accessories, vases, and more. Maximize what you already own by displaying things you have like cookbooks, cooking utensils, vases (fill with marbles, pebbles, sand or flowers), etc. Moving furniture around is a great way to make an old room feel like new. Refurbish an old piece of furniture and give it new life. Adding a few plants in each room could be the missing piece to the puzzle too, as this affordable hack tends to bring life into any space.
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Change Out Your Textiles
Upgrading your textiles is a simple and cost-effective way change the feel and look of a room in an instant, but it can get pricy. Buying two-pack pillows and coordinating them in different rooms will help you save money and will also help bring your spaces together. If you already have pillow inserts, purchase pillow covers instead of a whole new pillow. Switching out your shower curtain and bath rug will instantly freshen up your bathroom. Adding a runner in your hall or entry way, or a rug to a bare floor will add texture and color you may be missing. Layering an area rug on top of a not-so-great carpet or rug that you cannot remove will help as well.
Wall sconces in bed room
There are so many light fixture options nowadays that are cost effective and pleasing to the eye that require simple or minimal installation and removal. These can be placed in your living room, bathroom or bedroom and are a great way to maximize your style while being functional.
So, it turns out renters aren’t left with minimal decor options after all. We hope that these simple tips and tricks help you to make your living space your own, however big, small, or tiny. There’s no need to spend a fortune – search the Web and your local home decor stores for great deals and discounts and use your DIY skills to create a rental property that feels like home during your tenancy. All these suggestions are temporary, so don’t forget to put everything back as it was before you move out to keep your landlord happy and protect your deposit. Happy decorating!

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