Embrace the Space: Dorm Room Edition

Aug 18, 2021by Dana Dantoni
So you're moving into your first college dorm room! While that is super exciting, there are many obstacles that come along with "dorm life". You'll have to figure out how to handle the tiny space while sharing it with your roommate at the same time. Your dorm is the place where you'll be sleeping, studying, hanging out, and relaxing all in one, so you'll want to make sure you have the organization and comfort you need.
It might be overwhelming to think about having to live with another person but, with a little creativity and planning, you can make the most of your college dorm room experience. With a few of these styling tips, your room will have you ready to take on your college career in no time.

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#1. Coordinate With Your Roommate
Before arriving, make sure you talk with your new roommate and get to know each other. You might find out that you are one in the same or total opposites. You both need to feel at home in your personalized space and you want to make sure you voice your wants and needs. By getting to know your roommate, you might be able to find some middle ground of what style you want your room to be. Will it be a glamorous look or boho chic styled room? Doing so will prevent a clashing room and duplicates. Deciding on a solid color bedding set is a start, your bed is the main focus in any dorm room. From there, room decor can be based on this color theme.

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#2. Shop Together
If your roommate is in close proximity to your location, you might find it beneficial to meet up and shop together (if not you can online shop together over FaceTime). Comparing styles and colors together might make decorating a little easier. You'll be able to talk it out, make decisions on the spot, and learn what one another are looking for. From the style of your window curtains to decorative pillows and throws, matching will make your room feel complete and you'll feel right at home. You can also split the cost on room necessities like mirrors, wall decor, lightening, a TV, and more.
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#3. Organize, Organize, Organize!!
Being in a tight space can get overwhelming. That's why it is super important to make sure that you stay as organized as possible. With such a small living space it is easy for it to seem cluttered. Invest in some storage bins, desk accessories, and bed risers to have optimal room space. Having these items will help keep your dorm clean and comfortable. With a made bed and well organized space you will be able to focus while studying and be able to relax on your down time.
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#4. Your Bed is Important
After long days on campus and late study sessions, your dorm room is your place to relax and recharge for the next day. Your bed is a key part in getting the rest and energy you need. You'll want to feel as cozy as you do in your bed at home. Get some soft sheets, a good quality comforter, a stylish throw blanket, and some decorative pillows for extra comfort and style. Adding a throw blanket is great for cold nights and for your friends to use when they come over to hangout. Add these key elements to your bed and it'll be the best spot for naps and a good nights sleep.

Your dorm room is where your college career starts. The room might be small but embracing it will make the experience so much better! You'll make so many memories with your roommate and you will eventually get the hang of dorm life. Share in the comments below how you plan on embracing your dorm room!

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