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DIY Home Decor: 10 Easy Projects Anyone Can Do

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It's exciting and fulfilling to decorate your home, but it can be costly. Fortunately, many DIY home design ideas are simple and inexpensive. With so many interior upgrades and restoration projects on social media, you can get the DIY itch and transform your home without paying for work.

We generally spend more time thinking about doing simple DIY tasks than actually doing them. And whether it's putting up shelves or repainting the garden gate, crossing these home renovation tasks off our to-do lists feels quite fulfilling. As long as you have the necessary materials, these DIY projects are quite simple and can be completed on a budget. Here are ten simple DIY home décor projects to refresh your living room, bedroom, or kitchen.

Adding Wallpaper To A Wall

Adding wallpaper to a wall may add colour and style to a room in a refined or energizing way that paint cannot always match. It may provide texture to your space and is available in a variety of materials.


Decorate Wardrobe Doors

You can transform the doors of the wardrobe into a stylish and unique piece of home décor. You can add wallpapers or fabric inserts to the doors, or you can paint the doors with a bold color. For instance, if you have a three door wardrobe, then you can paint all the doors with a base color and then can draw some patterns on two doors of the wardrobe, and can leave the third door plain.

Gallery Wall

Gallery walls provide character and color to any room. You can make a personalized display with frames, photographs, and artwork. Start with a huge piece of art or a family portrait as your gallery wall's centerpiece, then develop your collection around it. Mix and match different frames and sizes to achieve a unified design, and don't be afraid to experiment with different layouts until you discover the one that works best for you.

Gallery Wall

Nautical-Stripe Wall

If you're stumped on how to paint a room, then you can use easy floor-to-ceiling stripes. It is an easy yet effective way to add some character to the space.

Begin by painting the entire wall in your base color. Next, apply wide decorator tape or masking tape in stripes from floor to ceiling, leaving the same width as the tape between each stripe. Once you're satisfied that the stripes are straight and in the proper place, apply your second color with a roller. After the first coat dries, add a second, but remove the tape before it dries to reveal your tidy striped wall.

DIY Pillow

Pillows offer color and texture to your home decor inexpensively. Make unique pillows with fabric, stuffing, and a sewing machine. Choose any fabric that matches your decor and experiment with shapes and sizes to create a unique design. No-sew pillows can be made with fabric adhesive or iron-on tape.

Attach Plants To The Ceiling

Hanging plants from the ceiling is a do-it-yourself activity that can improve your health by supplying oxygen to a room. Choose a spot that receives enough light for your plant. Locate a stud or beam to attach a swag bolt to or secure to drywall with a toggle bolt. Make sure the bolt capacity can handle your plant's hanging wet weight and container. Hang your plant once the supporting bolt is in place.

Framed Mirrors

Framed mirrors add style and purpose to every environment. At your local home decor store, you may buy cheap mirrors and frame them yourself. To match your decor, you can make a frame from wood, metal, or fabric.

Framed Mirror

Cork Board

Your to-do list, photos, and children's artwork can be displayed on a corkboard. You can make a customized cork board with fabric, a staple gun, and a cork board. To finish the corkboard, add a stylish frame or paint the edges.

Use Solar Lights To Illuminate Your Exterior

Adding solar lights to your yard, sidewalk, or driveway is one of the simplest DIY home projects for beginners. Solar lights, which are available in a variety of sizes, styles, brightness, and even color of light, require no wiring and do not increase your utility bill. What they do add is ambiance and a sense of security. Stand-alone solar path lights are attached to a spike that easily slides into the ground. Simply install one every 6 to 8 feet or closer if you want a brighter walkway.

Solar Lights

Inside Shelf Nooks, Use A Tonal Pallet Of Paint

Stack inexpensive bookcases together and paint the interior recesses to create a dramatic backdrop for designing common objects like bowls and mugs, and glass storage jars. First and foremost, ensure that the bookcases are securely fastened to the wall while stacking. Instead of painting the interior of the shelves, you may use leftover wallpaper.


Decorating your home can feel overwhelming and pricey. Following these ideas, you're able to personalize your decor on a budget. Remember, decorating should feel fun and fulfilling. Try out these idea to make your home have your personalized touch!

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