Decorating with Faux Plants and Florals for Fall and Winter

Oct 27, 2021by Alexa Robel
Does your decor feel like it’s missing something? Maybe you are having trouble transitioning your decor from Spring and Summer to Fall and Winter. Your home may be missing the warmth and cheeriness of greenery!
Faux plant arrangement
Faux plants and florals are becoming wildly popular, and for good reasons. They are easily accessible as can be found online and in many retail stores, and they are very user friendly. They provide instant decoration, they're cost-effective, and if you can't manage to keep your indoor plants alive, then faux ones are probably the best option for you. The common struggle lies in the decorating. We’ve come up with a few ways to incorporate faux greenery into your fall and winter decor while keeping your home as beautiful as ever. 
Succulent plant
Mix It Up
The best way to style your faux greenery is to use real greenery throughout the home too. Using entirely faux plants around the house may make the decor look too fake. Tie in a couple of live succulents or other house plants like snake plants or ferns, which require very minimal attention all year. Use fun planters and pots on your faux plants to give them a fashionable twist! 
 Seasonal wreath
Live wreaths are hard to come by in general, but especially in the colder months. Faux wreaths can be stored and used each month or changed out as you change up the decor or color pallet of your home. They look great on walls and doors inside the home, or it can be welcoming to guests hanging on the outside of a front door.
Large Faux Plants
Larger faux plants can make a fun addition to any room of your house! Faux Fiddle Leaf Figs, Areca Palms, Olive trees and many more make for great fillers if you run out of decor ideas. You may have found yourself wondering what you could add next to the TV stand or that one corner of your house that just feels like something is missing. A faux tree may just be your answer! While they are of course large objects, they tend to blend into spaces giving the room a nice pop of green without being too overwhelming.
 Center Piece
Seasonal Centerpieces and Table Decor
Try arranging your own seasonal centerpiece to display during thanksgiving or Christmas dinner this year by combining your favorite seasonal flowers. Peonies, Poinsettias and, filler plants like eucalyptus can make for a beautiful arrangement.
Faux flower arrangement on window sil
Splashes of Accent Colors
Brighten your space and add the splash of seasonal color you may be missing by adding a mix of faux plants onto a shelf, window sil, countertop, coffee table, bathroom vanity or end table.
faux floral arrangement
Baskets, Bowls and More!
Maximize your fall or winter decor style by displaying your greenery arrangements in unconventional ways. Large wooden bowls, woven baskets, and decorative pitchers not only add to your decor but can be used for other purposes once you are ready to move on from your greenery or flower arrangement.
How you choose to display your faux greenery is ultimately up to you. There are so many ways to decorate and many benefits of mixing in faux plants into your decor. Give it a try and let us know how you styled yours in the comments below!

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