Guest Blog: Decorating Small Spaces - 6 Tips for Living Rooms

When decorating a home, of course, probably the most prominent thing that will be on the mind of any new homeowner will be just what to do with the living room. After all, we all want to go above and beyond when it comes to decorating the space that we will be showing our guests. The living room is not only the place where the whole family needs to feel safe and relaxed, but also a showcase of your own personal style and taste!

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This, however, can be very stressful, particularly if you’re dealing with a small space living room. You might find it somewhat difficult to encapsulate your entire personal flair into such a finite space. You needn’t worry or stress too much, just check out this handy list of six ways to really make your living area pop!
Right off the bat, you might be thinking about what furnishings might add an inviting or exciting aspect to your home. However, before you can even begin to think about these aspects, you simply have to decide the color scheme of your living room.
Colors can energize a room with very loud and exciting patterns or create a mellow, inviting atmosphere with warm and comfortable colors. It’s important to decide which scheme is right for you to get the aesthetic that you want! Just remember that dark, rich colors, while bold, can make an already small room feel even smaller. If this is your situation, you may want to choose a lighter color that is bright and neutral. That will leave room for small accent colors later when you choose decor.

Light Flooring

In keeping with the living room being a space both public and personal, it’s important to choose the appropriate flooring. Try to imagine something that will feel good underfoot, as well as provide a certain accent to the design of the room as a whole.
Whether you decide to go with bold carpeting or simply some neutral flooring that will help accent the furniture, this is an important design choice. Because your smaller living room will likely see a lot of foot traffic, choose something durable, such as hardwood. Again, lean towards something lighter like ash or white oak to avoid closing in the space.

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Focal Points
In any given living room, there will always be one spot that’s the center of attention. A fireplace, for example, is the central focal point for homes and has been since antiquity. However, in the modern age, all eyes go to the TV and entertainment system. To prevent multiple focal points, be sure to pair things such as these together. In fact, mounting your TV to the wall could draw the eye upwards, utilizing the vertical space in a smaller living room.
Personal Ornaments
When it comes to adding personal flair, you can never go wrong with trinkets and ornaments that can really make the entire room pop in ways you never imagined! Be careful not to clutter your small space, however. Too many wall hangings or small decorative items can make a small living room look a bit too busy. Instead, focus your attention on a few items with an accent color you love.
For a modern look, find an abstract art piece with colors that tie into the rest of the room. If you have a more classic style, however, find a vintage-inspired rug or picture frames.

Small Living Room

Arrange Furniture for Communication
While we always call it a living room, perhaps a more apt term would be a meeting room. This is the room where you will always be entertaining guests and making better friends through conversation, so it’s very important to arrange the room for that very conversation. Always be sure that your chairs and couches face each other enough for effortless communication. Additionally, avoid putting large furniture near the door of a small space. Put couches and TVs as far away from the door as is possible to keep the room open.
Be Yourself!
Regardless of what this guide has to say, at the end of the day, you know your own style better than anyone else. At times, it’s better to throw caution to the wind and make sure that the room reflects your personal sense of decoration!

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