Guest Blog: Creative Ideas to Boost Energy in Your Room

Sep 8, 2021by Jenny Zhu
Wanting to boost energy in a room to expand your creative ideas? Great, you’re in the right place. Sometimes it can be tough to become inspired or innovative in a dull and simple room, we want to change this. In this article, we will be discussing some of the finest and most imaginative ways to boost energy in a room.
wall art
1. Statement Art Piece
Wall art is a great place to start, but it depends on the individual on what wall art will personally boost energy in a room. You’re now probably asking yourself, “how do I choose wall art”, “which wall art will boost energy in a room”. This is totally understandable, choosing wall art can be a pain. But to make it easier, you should ask yourself the following questions.
-What boosts your energy, a piece of wall art that is tropical, a motivational quote, do you want it to match the rooms attire? Understanding what boosts your energy will give you more confidence to buy and see effects.
-How big do you want the wall art? Knowing this is vital for getting the correct size and the size is normally down to the location of the art piece.
-Lastly, if you’re wanting to buy multiple pieces of art do you want to follow a theme? For instances matching a piece of wall art that has something to do with space, won’t go so well with art that is based on fish.
Check out some beautiful wall art to find your touch
2. Redecorate and Symmetry
If you’re not into the whole wall art world, thats fine! Redecorating your room can also have a massive impact on the energy it provides. We as humans Tend to get bored with things very quickly and this is the same for our environments. Changing your rooms color, decluttering old items, upgrading certain aspects of the room, all help in boosting the energy of a room
Open space
3. Increasing Natural Sunlight
The first thing that springs into mind is to add more windows, right? While this would certainly do the trick, there are also other ways in which you can amplify natural sunlight.
Adding the right number of mirrors and shiny objects is one of the better ways to enhances natural sunlight. Another important aspect is choosing the right color pallet for the room. As you probably know, darker colors absorb more light. However, lighter colors reflect sunlight making the room look brighter as a whole.
If you have the budget, it’s always beneficial to add certain windows such as a skylight or a picture window.
4. Energy Crystals
You could also follow the more spiritual route. Using healing crystals has been another method to boost energy for your personal soul and a room, since the Ancient Sumerians days back in 2000 BC. Using healing stones such as a quartz crystal is a great way to boost the energy of a room. Especially a clear quart as it’ll help you focus more, provide sufficient energy and decrease stress levels.
Oil diffuser
5. Diffuse your Favorite Scents
When I walk into a room, the first thing I notice is the smell. There’s no better feeling than diffusing or lighting up a candle on a cold wintery day. After a long hard day at work, being invited into a room with one of your favorite smells can be enormously comforting. The best thing about this energy-boosting idea is that it’s extremely cheap and affordable for everyone.
Cozy reading chair
6. Add a Cozy Corner
A bedroom is your personal cabin. But sometimes you need a bit of mood change or a light refreshment. Try creating a music or reading corner in order to enhance the purpose of your room and give yourself a space to unwind beside your bed. 
7. Use Vertical Spaces
Utilizing vertical space is a smart solution for tight quarters. Those precious square feet can be put to good use, especially for storing small items that would otherwise clutter up rooms.
The design by familyhandman steals the decor spotlight while also giving you much needed space.
Chair with pillow
This one is my favorite ways to change up the energy and feel of a room, and I love to find ideas and references to create similar thing. The blue chair in the below white Scandinavian room just pops up the “cool” vibe. Sometimes people don’t like a pop color because they think it breaks the color palette and theme of the room, but believe me when done rightly, it is very well appreciated and beautiful!

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