Back To School Dorm Room Checklist

Jul 22, 2016by Kimberly Foerst
College students going back to school have a lot to worry about. Are you taking the right classes? Can you afford your tuition? Will you be able to work while going to school? There’s one thing we can help you with: your dorm room checklist.

Here’s what you’ll want to pack with you to make your dorm or apartment as stylish and homey as can be:
>Room Darkening or Blackout CurtainsThese provide privacy, block sunlight and help to manage energy costs.
>Sheer Curtains – For those who may have trouble waking up in the morning, it may be best to go with a sheer curtain style, which will let natural light in while still offering some privacy from onlookers.
>Throws – These provide plenty of warmth and comfort for those late night study sessions (or late nights sitting on the couch watching TV with your roommate and a bowl of microwave popcorn).
>Comfortable Bedding – What college students need most, besides more time and money, is to get a good night’s sleep, so comfortable bedding is key.
>Decorative pillows – Make your room feel like home with the perfect decorative pillows for your bed and your couch.
>Storage Boxes - You have limited space in a dorm. Clean up the clutter with stylish storage boxes or storage ottomans. Bonus: The storage ottomans double as additional seating.
>Furniture Protectors – Buying your furniture from a garage sale or Craig’s List? Sometimes those second-hand pieces look pretty worn out. By purchasing a furniture protector, you can breathe new life, and a new look, into them. And, if someone spills anything on them, they are waterproof and washable!
>Shower Curtains – Brighten your bathroom with a beautiful new shower curtain that fits the theme of the rest of your dorm or apartment.

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