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Trending Bathroom Renovations Ideas

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If you are someone who follows interior décor trends, then bathroom decors must have caught your eye for a while now. Usually, bathrooms are the last spaces we invest money to renovate, as it is mainly used for utility purposes, and we spend fewer hours there. Since it is a private spot and nobody is going to visit the bathroom quite often, we don’t give it much thought. If it is neat and functioning, then it is good to go. 
However, this ideology is changing now, and bathrooms are becoming statement pieces of houses. Mirrors, showers, faucets, cabinets, and even toilet seats have become sleek and modern and come with features. Most importantly, they are all smart now and can be automated. Along with all these, the aesthetics of the toilets have also undergone an upgrade.

marble bathroom sink

Also, it is not always showing others but, it must have to be like pleasing your soul. So, whether a bathroom is a private place and nobody out of your family is going to use it, you must make it well decorated that please your mind. So, if you have set aside a budget to renovate your bathroom this year, here are some latest trends and ideas to modernize your bathroom.

Bathroom Ideas For 2022:

Here we have brought you some latest and modern bathroom ideas that are in trend in the current year.


If you are renovating on a budget, this trend is a blessing. Bathrooms are the last place we use wallpapers, but now since most bathrooms have wet rooms separately, bright and vibrant wallpapers have made their way into the bathroom renovation. They liven up the space and bring a new vibe to the place at a small price. There is a lot of variety of wallpapers and designs that you can choose from.

Warm Colours & Monochromes

After being in iron jungles for a long, their urge to be one with nature has increased in people, and they are finding ways to bring the feel of nature into their houses. Neutral warmer tones of wood are being incorporated into the colours of textures of the bathroom to give it an oldish yet modern look.

The Spa Experience

Today’s bathrooms are not just utility places anymore. They have become sanctuaries for people to spend their me-time peacefully in a jacuzzi or a big bathtub with some salts and scents. Therefore, the décor of the bathroom is also inspired by the spas, minimal and at the same time calming. Marble is the best floor choice if you have the money for it.


Nature In & Clutter Out

Finding hidden cabinets behind vanity mirrors inside the walls knees the clutter off your bathroom faucets and makes space for more greenery. You can place small and big plants within the bathroom for your taste. If you have the perfect location, an open window with a view or a huge window with bamboo curtains can transform the space completely.


High tech Shower Heads with multiple settings, a faucet with a movement sensor, an automated toilet seat, and vanity mirrors with lighting can be controlled from your phone or tablet. Automation is the growing trend in living spaces with the integration of Alexa, Amazon’s assistant, with our smart devices.


Big vanity units, faucets, and mirrors are becoming vogue now, with people often taking mirror selfies in public areas. You can also use a round moving mirror that could be erected and brought closer for make-up application.

Wet Rooms

If you are in a crunch for space, this is probably the best trend you could have. The basic concept of a wet room is not to have a separate wet room but to have showers blend in the same room without the division of bath space and other areas.


Bathroom renovations need not be expensive. Some intelligent moves and small tips could save you money while also giving you a highly functional, aesthetic, and modern bathroom.

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