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Tips To Choose the Right Color Combination for Your House

Jun 7, 2023by Guest Blogger

You’re finally ready to paint your home. You know what you like and have a vision for the perfect color scheme, but now you have to choose the actual colors.

Bedroom with painted accent wall

Choosing the right paint color for your home can be tricky. There are a lot of factors to consider, from lighting to the furnishings you already have, and if you're not careful, it's easy to end up with a paint color that doesn't quite matchHere are some tips for choosing interior paint colors:

1. Use a Swatch Board

paint swatch

If you're shopping at a hardware store or big box retailer, it can be quite challenging to find a paint color that matches your vision.

That's why we recommend using a swatch board in your house so you can test out different colors before committing to them. It will save you time and money later on when you decide which one is right!

2. Look At Photos

styled bedroom

Pinterest is full of inspiration for interior design ideas and colors, but it can also be overwhelming! That's why we suggest looking at photos before deciding on what color scheme will work best for your home—it makes things easier than trying to imagine what something will look like based on just words or descriptions alone (and let's face it—most descriptions aren't super helpful anyway).

3. Use Color Theory to Create a Color Scheme

Color theory is all about choosing colors that work well together, so don't skip this step! Once you've found some inspiration for your color palette, use it as a jumping-off point for creating a scheme that will work in any room or space. You can even make one for yourself that matches your favorite outfit or favorite lipstick shade!

4. Try a Color Wheel

paint swatch wheel

A color wheel is a handy tool that shows you all of the different tones available in each hue. You can find them at art supply stores or online. If you're having trouble deciding between two shades, try putting them next to each other on the wheel and seeing how they look together. It's like magic!

5. Think About What's Already in Your Home

coastal bedroom decor

Start by taking stock of the light in your space. Is it natural? Artificial? What color is it? This will help you choose colors that will complement what already exists in your home and create a cohesive feel throughout.

If there are any colors you love already in your house, think about how they'll look when mixed with new ones.

A fresh coat of paint can really bring everything together, but keep in mind that painting over existing walls often requires repainting ceilings and trim as well—so if you don't want to do those extra steps, make sure all of your pieces work together first before starting a project like this one!

6. Get Creative With Neutrals

neutral living room decor

Neutral colors are a great way to start a room makeover.

They can be used for walls, trim, and furniture—and they'll never go out of style! If you're not sure where to start when it comes to choosing a neutral color, try looking at some of the most popular color schemes from the past decade.

You may find that one of them jumps out at you as the perfect solution to your decorating dilemma.

7. Pull Your Paint Color from a Print

Paint colors inspired by nature will always look natural and inviting in any room. Try pulling inspiration from prints like watercolor paintings or botanical illustrations to help you create a space that feels calming and peaceful while still being visually interesting and vibrant.

8. Look Outside for Ideas

outdoor hiking

When you're trying to choose an interior paint color, the best place to start is by looking outside. Find inspiration in nature—the sky, trees, grasses, flowers, and other plants—and incorporate those colors into your home design.

This can be done through furniture pieces or artwork that incorporates those colors as well as by painting walls with them directly.

9. Find Your Paint Color in Artwork

You can find many colors in artwork—and if you're looking for something bold or bright, there's no better place than an art gallery or museum! Just bring along some swatches from your favorite colors so that you can compare them directly with what you see on display.

If nothing else, this is a great way to get some inspiration for future projects around your home!

10. Look to Historical Color Inspiration

vintage style bedroom

If you're considering painting your rooms in a shade that's not currently in vogue, look to historical color inspiration for ideas. You might be surprised at how well a color that was popular in the Victorian era—or even before—would work for you today.

11. Try a Lighter or Darker Shade

You don't have to be limited by boring taupes, grays, and whites when choosing your interior paint colors. If you want something bolder, try opting for one of these two options: either lighter shades or darker ones!

12. Pick A Color That Makes You Happy

purple bedroom decor

If there's one thing that interior painters know, it's that the color of your walls can change the way you feel about your space. If you're having trouble deciding on a color, reach for something that makes you happy—whether it's bright and bold or soft and soothing. You'll be so glad you did!

13. Choose Earth Tone for Your Living Room and Bedrooms

Living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms should be painted in earth tones like browns or greens. These colors are easy to live with and will make your home feel cozy!

Final Thoughts

There are many different ways to choose interior paint colors, and the best way to do it is by finding inspiration in all of the things you love.

Whether you're looking for color inspiration from your favorite piece of art or a favorite print, or whether you want to pull your color from a historical period or even an outdoor setting, there are so many ways to create the perfect palette for your space.

So get out there and start looking! 

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