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Make Your Kitchen a Popular Room During Summer

May 10, 2023by Guest Blogger

They say that "home is where the heart is," but which part of the home specifically? Your answer might probably be "My own room," but think again. Okay, you love your room because it is the place where you don’t feel like setting boundaries and you have privacy. But after you lock yourself away from the rest of the world, the first place you go is the kitchen.


What Makes the Kitchen the Heart of Your House Even in Summer?

The kitchen is one of the only rooms in the house filled with so much love and joy. It’s where families and friends gather to cook delicious food and have a blessed time together. It is the place in the house where families create the most beloved memories. Whether you live abroad, are separated from your family, or just had a long, busy day at work, you catch yourself thinking about that dish your grandmother once made. You think that that dish will solve all of your problems right now. This is one of the reasons why the kitchen is such a precious room. It's because we associate smells with memories. Like when the aroma of dinner prepared by one of your parents or grandparents transports you back in time.

How to Make the Kitchen A Popular Room in Summer


Back in the day, kitchens used to be very small and separated from the living room and matter of fact, it was separated from all of the rooms. It was a room where the only thing you could do was cook. We used to be connected with the smell of it, but we didn’t hang out in the kitchen. There used to be so many better things back in the day, except this one. Now it’s so much better, that we get to hang out with our family and friends and at the same time cook for them or with them.

Since the kitchen has a special and warm place in our hearts, we want the best design and decoration to match our feelings, especially in summer. It’s very difficult to cook if you don’t like your kitchen, so remodeling it to your liking is very important. Cooking is all about love, and love from the kitchen is what you should get. The type of remodeling you choose for your kitchen depends on what kind of person you are and what you like. However, you can choose the decoration, but remodeling it yourself might be a problem. The good thing about it is that you can get professional help from a kitchen remodeling company in Austin, Dallas, or Denton. It is best to get this kind of professional service so they can help you make the changes that will fit your ideas based on your kitchen space.

Nowadays, there are plenty of ideas you can use to decorate or renovate your kitchen. The good thing about it is that no matter what kind of space your kitchen is, it can always look cute, chic, or cozy, depending on what you’re going with. With new types of kitchens, a new lifestyle has arisen. Kitchens today are connected to the living room, and this is why it is very important how you design your kitchen to look. The funny thing about it is that people hang out more today in the kitchen, rather than in the living room. 

How to Prepare Your Kitchen for Summer

cooking in kitchen

Besides remodeling your kitchen, there are some things you can change in your kitchen to get those summer vibes.

-Clean and organized kitchen cabinets- after choosing a color with the help of a kitchen remodeling professional, make sure you keep them clean and organized.

-Swap your current plates- Choose plates that have lighter colors, like baby pink, light green, baby blue, etc.

-Use fruit as decorations- Get off the things you have on your kitchen countertop and put some fresh fruit.

-New recipes in your cookbooks- get inspiration on what summary recipes to choose.


The kitchen is the most important room in the house because it is where families spend the majority of their time together. No matter where they have been throughout the day, there is a certain period of time when families come together, and the place where they come together is most definitely the kitchen. There are numerous ways to decorate the kitchen with today's technology and lifestyle. Most kitchens are now connected to the living room, whereas they used to be separated. This will allow guests to feel more connected and validated by the host. The kitchen is the new living room.

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Guest Blogger Summer Wilde

Summer Wilde is a young interior designer with a specialization in space planning. She works with a local remodeling company in Sacramento. However, she isn’t just passionate about helping families live in their dream houses only by the means of her job. She also likes to guide others through this journey by sharing her tips and suggestions via guest posting on blogs from time to time.

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