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Luxury Interior Design Ideas

Jul 18, 2022by Guest Blogger

Suppose that a year ago you lived in a one-room apartment somewhere on the outskirts of the city, drove an old car and, going on vacation, you did not have the opportunity to rent a car. Now, you've come into a large sum of money, you have the opportunity to rent a ferrari dubai from a rental company, buy your house and a brand new car. Now you are faced with the task of furnishing your new home. But how?

The luxurious style direction in the interior is the era of luxury. It is characterized by the presence of exclusivity in everything, natural materials, custom decor, but at the same time without immense pretentiousness and unreasonable pomposity. Therefore, a luxury interior can be created in any style, it is only necessary to adhere to certain principles.

If we talk about finishing materials, decor or accessories, then for the interior in the luxury style, you might try to choose everything expensive. Natural stone, marble, and granite are used not only in counter tops, but also to cover the floor, and you can also see artistic parquet. For walls: mosaics, paintings, stucco, are luxurious options. Large open windows or stained-glass windows also go well in a luxurious interior designer. As an addition to exclusive materials, gold or Swarovski crystals are often purchased.

luxury interior design

There are two directions in this style:

  • Classic (luxury)
    • It is very important to use antiques in this interior design style
  • Modern (new luxury)
    • The basis of the modern trend is branded items, design solutions, etc.

Luxury style in itself implies large spaces, open layout and high ceilings. The interior involves a lot of glass, metal and stone. This allows you to additionally give the room airiness.

Furniture in the interior is one of the main attributes. Living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms should not just be high-quality and original items, they should have their own look and creative ideas.

Luxury interior is not only old antiques and marble baths. The luxury interior is also modern technologies that are not available to everyone.

dark and moody interior design

Nuances of luxury design

Here are 10 things you can do to make your design look expensive without being trendy.

  1. Direct or indirect relation to the Art Deco styleThis style has the maximum amount of materials corresponding to the luxury category
  2. Quality materialsThe very expression "luxury interior" implies something expensive. Therefore, this interior will not allow you to have cheap interior items. Only marble, leather, glass and gold.
  3. Muted accentssubdued motifs in the form of furniture covered with aged velvet, in the center there is a table made of brass and a cut of natural stone. All this creates harmony, looks expensive, but does not catch the eye.
  4. SpaceSpace plays a more significant role. Saying that you have a large area that you just don't want to use, but could.
  5. Bold combinationsAn interesting mixture of Art Deco, Empire, Moorish and even Moroccan styles. Heavy upholstery and gold loudly declare the respectability of the luxury interior.
  6. Expensive detailsFluted mirrored console, crossed bedside tables, White velvet carpet and a casually tossed chinchilla skin.
  7. Focus on lampsHere you can simply list the elements of luxury - a beautiful large glass chandelier; gray onyx wall; leather pouf; chairs with high backs; chubby tables. However, with all the variety of luxury elements, the interior will turn out to be very harmonious, built according to the laws of classical symmetry.
  8. Carefully selected paintingCarefully selected painting should be in harmony with the entire room.
  9. Mirror surfacesOnce again about Art Deco: a chandelier, flowerpots, mirror cabinets with crosshairs - all elements are typical for this style.
  10. Lacquered wood of expensive speciesWood, in principle, is not cheap when it comes to using it in the interior. A varnished tree will add grace to your apartment.

Luxury Interior Design 

From the name it immediately becomes clear that it is unlikely that it will be possible to create such an interior design using cheap materials and interior items. You can also easily overdo it with details and the whole design as a whole will look ridiculous. In such a matter, observation and expert opinion are important. Therefore, armed with the Internet, look for inspiration and numbers of the best designers who will help you realize the idea of a luxury interior design without going overboard with details and perfectly matching each item to each other.

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