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Landscaping Ideas Making Your Backyard Come Alive

Mar 29, 2023by Guest Blogger

The backyard is your haven where you can sit outside and relax while enjoying some peace after a long day at work. So, if your backyard still does not feel like an oasis, we have some great landscaping Calgary ideas to create a retreat for you in the backyard. It all comes down to landscaping and using the right plants with other landscape design elements.

Whether your backyard has loads of space or is small, we hope these ideas will help you make the most of your backyard. 

outdoor couch with pillows

Let Garden Pavers Create a Bold Garden Walkway

Using some well-placed pavers in your landscaping is pretty easy to create an attractive feature in the yard. Using some flagstones or squared pavers separated with turf and ribbons can serve two functions. First, it provides mini patios to a garden walkway that you can use as added seating. 

garden walkway

Add a Fountain or Water Fall

Nothing creates a peaceful space like a water feature when you add a small fountain or waterfall. The water feature will attract birds and other wildlife. At the same time, you can enjoy the relaxing sounds sitting in the backyard. Another highlight of a water feature is that it helps if you have drainage issues. You can turn a damp spot into a focal point with the waterfall and stream of water.

garden fountain

Become Creative Hiding Eyesores 

If you have a backyard with an eyesore like an oversized shed with a door falling off hinges. Why not remove the door and cover the opening with vintage shutters. Then, add a weatherproof table that double duties into a plant stand or even an outdoor buffet for serving food to drinks. 

Roesser Bedding Bundle

Improve Your Decks View

Surround your backyard deck by camouflaging the leggy support with planting beds. You can have flower borders hiding the underbelly of the deck to add color to your garden in summer. Alternatively, you can use sedum or ornamental grass with other perennials as screening. 

backyard deck space

Elevate the Lawn 

Sometimes you have a flat backyard or even a blank one. Then this landscaping Calgary idea will give your garden a makeover. You can create a more dynamic focal point in the landscaping with a two-level lawn. Yet, that is not all you can plant living screens to give your drab space a new feel, with tropical plants giving some privacy in the yard. 

backyard lawn

Make a First Impression

Yes, making a grand entrance to your backyard, removing that muddy path and rusty gate. Instead, create a rose-covered arbor with some patio stones to make the entrance elegant yet welcoming for your family and friends. 

outdoor deck

A Cozy Corner in The Backyard

Nothing is more relaxing when you get up close and personal creating a small sitting area. Create a cozy corner with some plants, an angled trellis, to deck chairs. With a tall frame, it can hide utility poles in the street. 

backyard patio sitting area

These are only a few landscaping Calgary ideas you can use, but there are many more. So, if you need help creating your backyard into an oasis, Project Landscape can help.

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