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How to Properly Mix and Match Different Styles in Your Home

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The days of matching couches and loveseats are long gone. Mixing textiles and decor with furniture that doesn’t match but still looks aesthetically pleasing has made its debut, and it opens a realm of possibilities.

Mixing and matching can be tricky. Trying to tie everything together can sometimes result in a jumbled hot mess. Follow these tips and tricks to mix and match your home in a way that looks accidentally on purpose and points to your designer dreams and goals.

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Decor Rules

One method you can follow is the rule of threes, which means placing three different pieces of decor in an area. Two items can look bare or awkward, but adding a third accentuates the focal point. You can use three different sizes of objects or furniture, two larger ones and one small.

Use a focal point. Pick one thing you love in your room and want everything else to flow with. This is usually a more prominent item that stands out to the viewer, such as your living room fireplace or your favorite painting above the couch. Whatever you choose, base all other décor in your room around that item to make it the attention grabber you want.

Then, start mixing it up. Throw some prints and abstracts together and see what looks good. The way things don’t match but still go together might surprise you. Get the idea out of your head that you must match a pattern with a solid and vice versa. Try different things and see what turns out. Mixing and matching can change the entire vibe of a room.

Renters must be mindful of the regulations put in place by their landlords. There are plenty of ways to get creative and make the space your own without breaking the bank or the rules. Using faux wallpaper is an excellent alternative to painting the walls. Hanging some curtains with fun patterns can brighten up a boring place and add a fun element to your mixture of prints. Mirrors can also be great focal points in rental spaces.

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Using accessories to decorate can make a significant difference in the look and feel of a room. Small items can really pop and add personality to your room if you have limited space. They can also add texture to a room if you have walls that are one color or un-patterned furniture. For example, a lamp with a colorful design can add an element of fun next to a plain solid-colored recliner.

Things to Avoid

Things you think would clash can sometimes work well together and surprise you. However, you should avoid pairing things you know are a bad mix. It will only lead to disappointment.

Start with mixing patterns rather than trying to match them. Try choosing three colors to incorporate into your space and create a theme for your décor. Then, choose three different patterns to mix and match. Stylists recommend choosing a neutral color and two other shades. Neutral items placed between patterns will give your space balance. One of the patterns you choose should encompass all three colors you’ve selected to tie everything together beautifully.

Don’t mix undertones. The neutral color you pick will have an undertone, but if they don’t match, your aesthetic will not be appealing. You don’t want a beige ottoman with a pink undertone next to a table with a green or gray undertone. It will clash.

Use the largest neutral item in your room as your guide for choosing undertones for the rest. You can contrast the item with a darker or lighter shade, but ensure you stay within the same undertone for aesthetic purposes.

Don’t mix more than two styles in one room. You can have a farmhouse dining room with a modern style thrown in. However, if you tried to add some bohemian décor as well, it would look scattered and cluttered. Limit your rooms to mixing two styles at a time.

Mix and Match Tips

Pay close attention to the scale of your room compared to the pieces you are putting in it. An oversized couch could make a small space seem even smaller. A large painting would work best on an empty wall, not one with multiple photos.

Too many colors and patterns in one space can distract and overwhelm the senses. You want to incorporate mixing and matching elements to appease or make a bold statement subtly. You don’t want your designs competing with one another. You want them to flow nicely while still appearing as a solitary piece.

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Starting with your preferred colors will help guide you through the rest of the design process for that particular space. Take note of what color scheme you choose for specific rooms as well. The bright shades you want to be displayed in your kitchen cabinets won’t work as well in a confined space like a small bathroom.

Speaking of kitchen colors, try adding some texture to your cabinets. If yours have glass fronts, try displaying some colorful dishes in them if they’re one solid color. This will provide a fun, eye-catching focal point for your kitchen.

Remember that less is more. Use everything in moderation. A bold and beautiful color could be too much if there aren’t more subtle shades weaved into the equation. A bright purple room alone could make you feel like you were in “Willy Wonka” or “Barney.” However, adding beige and shades of light yellows, blues and greens would give off a more bohemian and serene vibe that relaxes and chills you out, like from the movie “Aladdin.”

Design Your Space

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Mixing and matching styles is a fun way to design your home. It adds creativity and personality to your overall aesthetic and appeases all your senses. It’s a great way to express our personality and unique outlook on life.

Mixing and matching patterns and colors correctly can be satisfying without overloading your senses. Pick out some colors, mix them with designs and see where it takes you. They can really transform your space and make your home stand out.

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