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Adding Timber Frame Elements to Your Conventional Homes

Sep 12, 2022by Guest Blogger

Timber framing is an old and traditional way of building homes, barns, and other buildings. It's typically done with large timbers and has been used for centuries in New England. In recent years, timber framing has gained popularity as a way to add character to existing homes or new construction projects.

There is an upward trend in timber frame homes' popularity. Data shows that around 25% of all new houses built in the UK are timber homes. Scotland, with 75% of new houses built with timber, is the country with the highest popularity.

Timber building

Replace Your Mantelpiece

This is an excellent place to start. You can install timber mantels in any room of your home, and they will look great. There's no need to stick them in the living room or dining room. They can be added as accents to guest bedrooms too.

Timber mantels are more attractive than brick or stone because they have a natural finish that adds warmth and character to any space. They also come with some very unique features:

  • They can be designed to blend in with the rest of the room by choosing an appropriate timber color scheme and stain finish.
  • You can install them over fireplaces that have been converted into other uses, such as wood stoves, so that you don't have an ugly chimney sticking out from your wall.

Besides making your mantelpiece look attractive, this will also help with sustainable living. In fact, the demand for green living will also drive the demand for timber frame houses. Hence, the timber frame market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.1% to reach $973.3 million by 2032.

Suppose you want to add timber elements to your house and research quality and prices. Look for timber frame home kits with prices and select the one that suits your needs. You can opt for a complete frame or customized options based on your preferences.

Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are an integral part of a kitchen and will continue to rise in popularity. Market analysis shows that the kitchen cabinets market is expected to grow at 6% by 2025. Timber kitchen cabinets can be an excellent option for your kitchen. They will complement your home's timber frame and provide a modern look, perfect for contemporary kitchens.

Timber cabinets are more expensive than other types of cabinets, so if you can afford them, it may be worth considering whether you need them in your kitchen or if other options would work just as well. Timber cabinets also take up more space than others, so they're best suited to smaller kitchens with limited storage space.

Hang a Floating Shelf

A floating shelf is a shelf that doesn't have any support from the wall. Instead, it "floats" on the wall, giving the illusion that it is suspended in midair. Floating shelves are popular for many reasons, they can add style and elegance to any room, they're easy to install, and they can accommodate heavy objects without breaking your walls or making them crooked.

To hang your floating shelf, follow these steps:

  • Measure twice and cut once. You want to ensure that you have enough space between your mounting brackets so there isn't too much gap between each frame when installed. If you're using metal T-track brackets, measure up high enough so each bracket fits snugly against its neighbor without gaps showing through where there shouldn't be any.
  • Use glue along both sides of every joint where the two pieces meet up. This will help prevent splitting as well as give added strength during installation. Remember also, not all screws need glue applied directly onto them either. 

Sometimes just applying some around where two pieces meet is enough. It's always a good practice, though. If possible, use some liquid adhesive before fastening with hardware only because this will allow for easier removal later down the road if necessary.

Add Unique Ceiling Beams

Timber beams can be used to add a unique feature to your ceiling. They are available in many different styles, sizes, and shapes, so you can find one that matches the style of your home. Timbers can be painted or stained in various colors, so they will blend into the rest of your house quickly.

If you want a bolder look, consider using timber beams as a focal point in your room. Beams create an interesting focal point by adding texture and depth to flat walls. This creates an eye-catching effect that will make people stop and notice it.

Add Timber Frame Accents

Timber frame accents can add a unique look to your home and are easy to install. They are also low-maintenance compared to metal, stucco, or wood accents. Timber frames are usually made from metal rods and come in various styles.

They can be added in different ways, ranging from simply mounting them on the exterior wall of a house, attaching them with screws through pre-drilled holes, or installing them as part of the structure itself. The choice is yours. If you want to install your timber frame accents, it's important to do so correctly. This will ensure that they are safe and secure.

If you don't want to do it yourself, you can simply hire professionals to help you with that. They will have the right skills and resources to install the accents appropriately.


There are many ways to add timber elements to your house. That's not the challenge. The real challenge is to find skilled laborers and carpenters who can help you with the installation. A recent report shows that 38% of builders struggled to hire bricklayers while 34% struggled to hire carpenters, indicating that hiring them for your work will be challenging.

I hope you have enjoyed this look at how you can use timber frame elements in your home. They are a great addition to any space and add warmth, character, and uniqueness to any room. They also make a great talking point when people visit, so tell them about it.

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