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7 Easy Home Decor Ideas to Make Your Space Feel New Again

Jan 18, 2023by Guest Blogger

There is nothing more exciting than moving into a new place and having a fresh, clean slate to decorate any way that you want. While your home may have felt like your perfect, Pinterest-esque dream when you first moved in, after some time you may need a little refresh to make your space feel more inspiring and relaxing.

Decorated front table

Most people spend a lot of time at home, especially in recent years, so you might as well make it somewhere that you really want to be. Whether it has been a while since you’ve decorated your home or you’re just itching for a change, here are 7 décor ideas to help make your space feel brand new again.

Reduce Clutter

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Most people strive to have a neat, clutter-free space. Clutter can cause feelings of stress and chaos, which will not help in creating a zen space. Reducing clutter in your home can help it feel not only organized and clean, but also brand new.

A great way to reduce clutter is by putting away nonessential items. Consider buying decorative baskets or a storage console. There are a ton of beautiful storage units and baskets on the market that can help store your items and also double as a nice décor addition to any room. Having those nonessential items put away out of sight will help your space feel less cluttered and crowded, giving you the feeling of having an organized, clean space.

Rearrange Furniture

living room with couches

Sometimes your needs or desires for a specific room may shift over time. Sometimes you may just be yearning for a change in a room, but you can’t quite put your finger on what you want. Rearranging furniture is one of the easiest ways to revamp your space with minimal commitment. Just by simply moving around the furniture you already have; you can feel like you have a brand-new room.

The best part is that rearranging your furniture doesn’t cost anything—it’s like a free makeover! It’s also a great way to try a new layout without fully committing, since you can easily put your furniture back to the way you originally had it.

Decorate Walls

Decorating your wall space is a great way to revamp a room without adding in additional furniture or clutter on your floor. You can also use wall art to add a personal touch to your space. Add in a gallery wall of pictures that make you happy or photos that highlight your favorite personal moments throughout your life, like an engraved photo frame personalized with a special moment that brings you joy.

Empty wall space in a room can appear cold and unfinished. Adding photos, wall art or decorations on the wall can make your room feel cozier and give you that at-home feeling. It’s all about the personal details!


Coffee Table Décor

Coffee table décor is a great addition to your living space. It creates a focal point in the room and helps to highlight your decorative style. Changing out your coffee table décor is a small change but can be just what you need to make your space feel refreshed.

You can swap out your coffee table decorations seasonally depending on the current décor vibe you are going for. In the spring or summer, add bright colors—maybe even some fresh flowers for a clean, fun vibe. In the winter, bring in darker colors and textiles to give a warm, cozy look.


plant greenery in home

Adding greenery to your space has a ton of great benefits. Not only do plants brighten and add color to a room, but they also can help with your emotional wellbeing. They purify the air and can help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

Get creative with your greenery! Plants can make a diverse decorating tool. This article has tips on how to decorate with plants for a unique, fun look.


Scents can instantly change the feeling or vibe in a room, and they can immensely affect moods. Consider switching out your diffuser or candles to change the aesthetic and mood in your living space. With an endless selection of candles on the market, you can get really personal and pick the best scent for you and the feeling you want to portray in your home. 

Pop of Color

Chic and soft knitted throw

Adding a fun, new pop of color to your home can help it feel like a brand-new space. There are a ton of ways to incorporate color into your home. You can swap out your throw pillow covers, purchase new curtains, or add a new vase. What may seem like a small, minor addition to a room can make all the difference!

Redecorating your home does not need to be an expensive, timely project. The best way to revamp your home is by improving your space by making it fully work for you. The details in a home are what make it unique. Adding personal touches can help make your space really feel like home and give you the change that you have been needing.

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Guest Blogger Carolyn Mitchell

Carolyn Mitchell is a freelance writer and content strategist with a passion for home décor. She can often be found re-painting and updating the furnishings in her home with her husband, and she is also a dedicated pet mom to an adorable kitty and a rambunctious puppy.

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