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5 Design Trends to Brighten Up Your Kitchen This Summer

Aug 3, 2022by Guest Blogger

We’ve been looking forward to sunnier and brighter days, and now they’re here. They come with a breezy and energetic vibe. The perfect season to renew outdated or dull spaces around your home. It’s time to think of ways to let the sunshine into your homes.

Why don’t you revamp and brighten your kitchen? From giving the kitchen floors a facelift to incorporating pops of color in the kitchen, there are lots of ways to brighten your kitchen this summer. Let’s look at design trends that can brighten your kitchen space.

The Magic of a Golden Kitchen

Adding a bold accent to the kitchen breathes a new life into an old or dull kitchen. Well, it’s summer. The sunny weather and shimmery gold will give your kitchen a glistening glow. What’s more, decorating or adding metals in your kitchen is trendy. Golden metals are shiny and making a huge comeback. Think of incorporating golden accents all around your kitchen. Replace the kitchen hardware with goldish hardware. They are tiny elements in your kitchen, but they’ll make a ferocious impact. Take the golden magic to the island area. Swap the stool or seat with ones that have an antique gold finish.

Pair the golden stool with a gold pendant above the island. Take the chance to mix gold and brass finishes around the island area by swapping your faucet for a brassy faucet.  

kitchen sink

Let the Sun in

Big open and brighter kitchens are trendy. It’s summer. Therefore, maximize daylight to make your kitchen appear spacious and well-lit. If your kitchen is cramped and bound by four walls, it’s time for a kitchen remodel. Bring down a wall and replace the wall with glass or floor-to-ceiling windows to let lots of sun and natural light into your kitchen. Alternatively, you can reinstall big windows. Also, glass cabinetry will let light flow smoothly around the kitchen. Mirrors on the wall or countertops can also bounce off natural light forming an illusion of a bright and spacious kitchen.

kitchen island counter

A Colorful Art Piece

Out with a traditional kitchen and in with a playful and brighter one. There are multiple ways to incorporate colorful art in your kitchen. You can hang it on the wall. Hang an oil painting above the sink area to interact with a playful element as you wash your vegetables. If you have enough wall space in the kitchen, turn it into a gallery wall. Mix smaller photos with large paintings. Use Geometric patterns to creatively display your family memories, interests, or favorite recipes. 

Brighten It with Multiple Light Fixtures

Brighten your summer kitchen remodel project with eye-striking light fixtures. But why settle for one magnificent light fixture while you can add a few? Swap the recessed lighting with big magical pendant lights. They will bring brightness closer to you. You can layer your lighting fixtures. Shed light on the worktop, hide some under the cabinet, and add a decorative piece over the island. Two or three large pendants will create a picturesque kitchen.

Go for different shapes beyond the traditional circular, rectangular, or oval-shaped lights. You can install playful or colorful pendants to create an artsy kitchen. How about shape-shifting pendants? You can also opt for groups of three lighting fixtures or repetitive light fixtures.

Sunny Yellow Kitchen?

kitchen counter

Yellow may not be the obvious color choice for the kitchen. But it deserves a spot in the kitchen. We need a summery flavor in the kitchen, and yellow is up to the task. You can incorporate them in small doses or go all out, for example, with made to measure shaker doors. Use it as a spot color to highlight a decorative feature in the kitchen. If the sunny shade is too much for your eye, use calmer shades of yellow. Buttery walls will still bring warmth and a summery feel into the kitchen.

Yellow makes a great partner if paired up with any color. So, break the all-white kitchen with pops of yellow around the kitchen. 

Final Thoughts

The kitchen should look outstanding all through the year. But if summer is your season and you feel the need to renew your kitchen, consider the ideas above. They are trendy, add a burst of style to your kitchen, and are so in sync with the moods that come along with summer. The yellows, gold accents, open floors, eye-striking light fixtures, and art will bring a summer flavor to your kitchen.

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Guest Blogger Summer Wilde

Summer Wilde is a young interior designer with a specialization in space planning. She works with a local remodeling company in Sacramento. However, she isn’t just passionate about helping families live in their dream houses only by the means of her job. She also likes to guide others through this journey by sharing her tips and suggestions via guest posting on blogs from time to time.

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