Applying Fall Fashion Trends in Your Home

Aug 3, 2016by Kimberly Foerst
The fashion world is not limited to clothing and accessories. It can easily be transitioned into the home. This year’s fall fashion trends include everything from metal details, velvet, and gray plaid to combining pink and yellow, and so much more.
It will be easier to incorporate some of these fashion trends into your home than others. But if you’re creative and handy enough, your options are limitless.

These are our top 3 picks for fall home fashions:

1. Pink & Yellow
Pink and Yellow home fashions
In an unusual twist for the fall season, bright colors are in. Ulla Johnson and Sies Marjan are among the designers incorporating pink and yellow in their fall collections. You can decorate your home in pink and yellow with our Boho Throw, Adrianne Throw and Furniture Protector, and Misha Quilt Set.
2. Metal Details
Metallic Details in Home Fashion
Metal details are trending with top designers like Michael Kors and Alexander Wang. Incorporate metallics into your home décor easily with pieces like the Night Sky Window Curtain, Valance, and Shower Curtain.
3. Pin Stripes
Pin Stripes Home Fashion
Top designers like Calvin Klein and Max Mara are using pinstripes in women’s suits. You can add that style to your bedroom with our reversible Star Quilts and reversible Monique Quilt.
Tell us what your favorite fall fashion trends are and how you'll apply them in your home in the comment section.

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