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We are happy to announce that we will be providing two $500 scholarships this year that winners can use toward tuition, books, room & board, dorm decor, or any other college-related expenses.
Current and incoming college students can apply by posting a creative piece on Facebook or by writing an essay and submitting it via email.

Apply for 2019 Scholarship

Ways to Apply:

1. Design a home decor advertisement as if it will be featured in a magazine. The design should be themed on one of the four seasons and can be a design for a bedroom, bathroom, or living room. You can use any software you like (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) and it can be hand drawn or designed as graphics. At least one Lush Decor product should be featured in the piece (feel free to borrow images from our website for this purpose). Once completed, create a post on your Facebook page and title it Lush Décor Scholarship Submission and tag @lushdecorhome so we can find it easily. The winner will be awarded the scholarship fund of $500. The winner and his or her submission may be featured on our social media pages and/or website. 
2. Write an essay explaining how art and design has affected your life. Feel free to use images or graphics to prove points or further explain stories. The essay should be at least 350 words (max 1500 words) and use no more than 5 images to count as a submission. Submit your essay via email to admin@lushdecor.com. You can attach the essay as a Word or PDF file (attachment is preferred), or you can submit it in the body of the email. The winner will be awarded the scholarship fund of $500. The winner and his or her submission may be featured on our social media pages and/or website.
The deadline to apply is Friday, August 9. Only one application per person. A team of reviewers at Triangle Home Fashions will choose one winner from each entry type. Applications will be thoroughly reviewed the week of August 13. Winners will be contacted directly the week of August 20.
Eligibility – All current and incoming college students who are at least 18 years of age and reside in USA, excluding employees and their family members, are eligible to apply no matter their major, school, etc. This includes undergraduate and graduate students. Winners may be asked to show proof of enrollment. If you applied last year and were not selected, you are eligible. If you have previously won a scholarship from us, you are not eligible to win again.
If you have questions about this scholarship, including the rules, how to apply or how winners are chosen, please contact Kim at admin@lushdecor.com or 732-355-9800, ext. 252.
**No orders necessary. Order status will have no effect on the final decision.


  • Posted On March 27, 2020 by Lush Decor

    Hi, Ana. We do plan to offer a scholarship for 2020. We haven’t decided on the details yet. We typically announce our plan in late April or early May, so please check back then. Follow us on social media or sign up for our email list to be the first to know about our scholarship opportunities.

  • Posted On March 27, 2020 by Ana

    Will this scholarship open for 2020?

  • Posted On August 07, 2019 by Lush Decor

    Hi, Samantha. Don’t worry, it isn’t about the number of followers you have. We are looking for a great design. Please submit to Facebook as advised.

  • Posted On August 07, 2019 by Samantha Georgeadis

    May I please submit my image to my instagram instead of my Facebook? I have more followers on instagram. =)

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