8 Winter Transition Tips For Your Home

by Alexa Robel
As the days cool down and the leaves start to change you might start to feel like the bright colors and florals aren't so fitting anymore. Here are a few ways to keep your home warm and cozy this winter!

Layers make a cozy space in the winter

Layer it up
Changing the look of your home may be hard if you aren't into buying new furniture. An easy way to add interest to a room is by layering textures. Layer a few rugs together and add coordinating throw pillows and blankets. Layering rugs on top of each other may seem out of reach, but it's an easy way to add interest without going overboard.
Layering different sized, coordinating pillows on your sofa or loveseat will tie in the rug. Using different sized pillows will bring attention to your seating. Lastly, pick the color you like the most from your rug or pillows and add a throw blanket in that color. Adding a solid colored textile will tie both textile pieces together, balancing out the look.
All in the Details
Keep a lookout for details in the textiles you pick out. Mix and match trendy faux furs, fringe and tassels, velvet and tufted cotton throughout your home to add interest and keep the look broken up yet coordinated and trendy. You can find them on throw pillows and blankets, bedding, and window treatments.
Who doesn't love candles? Adding jarred candles, candle sticks, tealights or candle sconces around the house will bring that warm cozy feeling without the high cost. Adding one to each room, or a cluster of a few different sized candles to a table or shelf will give your home the warmth and ambiance your home may need this Winter. Not to mention they smell great too.

Blackout Curtains by Lush Decor

Window Treatments
Switch out your sheers for our signature insulated room darkening curtains. Keep your living room, dining room and bedrooms extra warm this season by using insulated curtains which will help retain heat. Lush Decor offers several styles of curtains to match any look you're going for a great price.
Keep it Neutral by Adding a Pop
Staying neutral is key! It does not necessarily mean you should get rid of every color in your home. Interior design experts suggest keeping your color palette to a minimum by adding only a pop or two of color. Too much color can make a room seem busy and more cluttered than it is.
Minimal color palettes typically have 4 colors consisting of 2 or 3 neutrals, and 1 or 2 pops of color maximum. This season we are seeing a pop of a darker color paired with a pastel color.

Boho Macrame Valance by Lush Decor

Textile Art
Instead of adding paintings or prints to your walls this season, try adding some textiles to your wall alternatively. Pieces like these work great in rooms with less “going on” and tend to make a room feel warmer. They also work well as transition pieces and can be used going into the spring and summer seasons because of their natural and neutral feel.
Trading Florals for Checks
Rid your home of springy florals and bring in warmer prints like checker print. Checker print is very popular around this time of year as it's a timeless classic. Checker print can easily be used in holiday decorations as well.

Add Some Bling
Catch the attention of your visitors' eyes with metal accents like brass, copper or weathered silver. Adding metals will liven up your space and tie your look together. Add metal decorative objects on shelves or accent tables, or switch out the hardware on your drawers or cabinets. Metals are easy to incorporate into your home decor, especially during the holiday season.
Many people first consider buying brand home decor and don't consider buying thrifted or previously loved art or decor pieces. There are several benefits of buying vintage home decor. By buying vintage, not only are you saving money, but you are also helping out the environment by reducing the carbon footprint.
Check out local thrift stores, garage sales, and online shops to find the best hidden gems while also saving money. Each piece has its own story, it’ll combat all the newness making your home feel like home. Adding a piece of vintage to each room will add warmth and a sense of purpose. In this case, one man's trash can truly turn into another man’s treasure, and just might be exactly what they were looking for, for a fraction of the price!

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