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6 Easy and Quick DIY Ideas for Everyday Table Decor

Jan 12, 2022by Guest Blogger

Did you know that choosing the right decoration can drastically improve the look of your table and even the room that table is in? Sometimes, choosing the ideal decor can be quite confusing and difficult. Maybe you are not sure what best suits your table, or you're overwhelmed by all of the great options that are available in table decor today.

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We've decided to share with you some tips for table decor that are fashionable this year and that will help you make your table look magical. Let's walk through these 6 easy and quick DIY ideas for everyday table decor and see what it is that will completely change the look of your table in just a few steps.

flower center piece

1. Flowers

Flowers give a special beauty to your table because of their beautiful colors, It can fit into any decor. This winter the trend colors are red, purple, and yellow. You can easily make your unique flower arrangement and make your table look magical. My recommendation is to have as much greenery on the table as possible to make your space look natural and elegant. You can also add a few twigs that you painted in gold or silver to the vase with flowers. 

If you do not like to take care of natural flowers, you can always replace them with artificial flowers. If you want something more elegant and smaller, our recommendation is a cactus. It does not take up much space and looks beautiful as everyday table decor. You can put it in large round glass vases in which you will put sand or some colored stones. Arrange vases from large cans that you will paint in gold or pink beforehand. Surely you have a few old glass bottles in the house, now is the time to use them. Fill two bottles with water and put red roses or flowers of your choice in them. Put them in the middle of the table, and enjoy.

Lush decor table cloth

2. Fruit

If you are not a fan of flowers as a decoration, you can always replace them with fruit. Due to its different colors and shapes, it can be easily adapted to any style of decoration. Mix various seasonal fruits and put them in a large bowl. If you want something creative, you can paint two pineapples of different sizes in blue or white and put them in the middle of the table. Artificial plastic fruit can also be a great idea. Paint them gold and put them in a bowl along with some zircons and pearls to give your table a touch of glam and elegance!

3. Bowls and Trays

Trays and bowls are great ideas for table decoration. If you want a simple decoration, then this is the right choice for you. You can place a large tray in the middle of the table and put a few glasses, candles, snacks, or a figure on it.

Large trays will take up a lot of space on the table so that your table will not look empty. But you no longer have to have simple and boring trays, be creative and different. There are various cheap things that you can buy and then decorate yourself. Our suggestion is to stick coins on the bottom of a large wooden tray, and then coat them with sequins. This will look beautiful on your table with a few pampas in a vase. 

Let's try something a little different. Old picture frames don't just have to hang on the wall, they can have another purpose. Paint the frame gold and put black paper under the glass, and your new tray is ready in just a few steps. To complete the decoration of the table, you can place two or three bowls of different sizes next to the tray, making sure that the bowls stand in the middle of the table and next to each other. 

Forget about the simple, well-known bowls from the nearby shops, be unique this winter, and make your bowls. All you need is a balloon, glue, and leaves. Apply glue on top of the balloon and glue the leaves. When it dries, pierce the balloon and paint the leaves golden. Your bowl is now ready.

knitted coaster

4. Coasters

It is good to keep coasters on the table because you will always need them in order to protect your table. They also double as great decor. If you are into DIY projects, you can take a few lids for the jars and turn them into beautiful coasters by coloring them or adding a little cork. You can also make cork coasters by cutting cork into different shapes and varnishing it for more shine. If you are into knitting, try knitting your own coasters to display on the table. Rope can also be used to make coasters. Coat it with glue and wrap it in a circle, when it dries you can draw something or glue sequins on it. Don't forget to add a few nicely designed cups and a teapot to your decoration. 

Candle decor

5. Candles

Your table can look luxurious and modern with just a few candles. Put a few candles of different sizes, light them in the evening while sitting with family and friends, and the whole room will look magical. 

You can make a wreath of flowers that you will put in a large glass bowl, in which you will put a candle. You can also take a few jars in which you will stick Christmas tree twigs and put candles inside. 

If you want a little traditional decor, you can put a few old candle holders on the table and light long candles. 

Popular scents this winter are lemon and vanilla. If you want something different and unusual, then you can make ice candles at home. On this website, you can find some tips on how to do it. This is a great idea for winter decor.

6. Figures and Knickknacks

Last on our list are figures that are great ideas for table decor. You can make them out of clay and paint them with some light colors. When it comes to figurines, never overdo it. One small figurine will be enough. This is ideal for those who like a minimalist style. Another suggestion is to find some unusual twigs and paint them in gold or silver and place them next to a teapot or vase with a flower. If you combine all this correctly, you will have a truly beautiful decorated table.

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Bonus - Table Textiles

Pair any of the above ideas with a table runner, place mats, or table cloth of your choice. These can also be used alone on your table if you are into minimalistic table settings. Not to mention, they will protect the integrity of your table and help hide any scratches or imperfections that may be present and visible. 

Table runner

Wrapping Up

Now that you have some new and fresh ideas, it's time to start decorating your table! We hope this article has helped you decide what style of decoration you want for your table. Feel free to leave any questions or comment section below and we will answer you.

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