5 Tips for Redecorating Your Home for Spring

Mar 15, 2017by Kimberly Foerst
Many Americans say that Spring is their favorite season. Days are getting longer, but it’s not too hot to enjoy an activity-filled day outside. You can finally open the windows and enjoy a nice breeze. You no longer have to bundle up in heavy clothing but you can still get cozy with a throw on those cool nights.

Aprile Quilt by Lush Decor

It’s easy to see why springtime is so popular. Harness that positive energy inside your home by giving your décor a fresh new look.
Here are our top 5 tips for redecorating your home for Spring:
1. Add Floral Patterns
Year after year, florals are a guaranteed staple in spring decor. They indicate the change of season from cold and dark to warmer and sunnier and make any space prettier.

Aster Throw by Lush Decor

2. Switch to Lighter Colors and Fabrics
Swap your heavy comforter set for a lighter quilt and Sherpa-lined throws for a lighter cotton blanket. Make use of lighter colors like white, beige, yellow, soft gray, and blush. Fabrics that have these lighter neutral tones also look wonderful with colorful decorative pillows against them.
3. Let in the Light and Breeze
Opt for sheer curtains or valances instead of heavier curtains which can block the light and breeze. Open your windows during the day and enjoy fresh spring air.

Nerina Sheer Window Curtains by Lush Decor

4. Let There Be Life
Fresh flowers and real plants will literally add life to your room. Just don’t forget to take care of them. They will brighten the look of your space as well as clean the air and add a fresh scent.
5. Spring Cleaning
Don’t let the fresh new look of your redecorated home get overlooked by clutter and dust. Store or donate your old knickknacks and items without a clear purpose. Make sure everything you keep around has its own spot. And wipe down everything.
Follow these tips and your home will be Spring-ready in no time.

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