Guest Blog: 5 Stylist-Inspired Tips for Choosing Furniture for Your Home

Dec 12, 2018by Jenny Zhu
Your house is your sanctuary, the place you find peace away from the hustle and bustle of the world. It is only right, therefore, that you choose furniture items that not only match your personality but also bring you some peace and calm when you need it most. Admittedly, shopping for furniture is not easy, and the fact that most people have no clue about their preferred furniture type further complicates things.

Furniture for Home

No worries, though. In this article, we will touch on 5 stylist-inspired tips for buying furniture for your house. Ready? Go!
1. You Will Never Go Wrong With Wooden Pieces
Plastic, light steel, and particleboard materials are all the rage these days when it comes to furniture construction, and they are relatively cheaper than wooden furniture. However, they will never match up to the solidity and durability of solid wood. Whether you’re searching for quality furniture for a new house or replacements for obsolete pieces, you are better off adding a few bucks to get some hardwood products. They don't break easily, are easier to maintain, and you can paint them in your favorite colors. This particularly goes for about every piece of living room decor as they will be under constant use and if you have kids, constant harassment.
2. Be Creative in Your Family Room Themes

Stylish Furniture

The family room is where you and your family (and friends, when they visit) will probably spend most of your time. Hence, you may be tempted to overdo things when it comes to furniture for the family room themes (i.e., the colors, shapes, and materials of your fabrics and furniture for the living room). While bright-colored fabrics look better and radiate more light to your space, they get dirty faster, especially if you have small kids around. So, we advise only using light materials on items that are rarely used, such as curtains, and using darker shades on things like seat and table covers and mats.
3. Choose Furniture That Matches Your Lifestyle and Personality
When deciding on what pieces to include in your shopping list, your lifestyle and personality should be key factors to consider, second only to price and durability. For one, the furniture type that you will need to buy when you have kids and a spouse is different from what you'd have bought if you were all alone. For instance, depending on the number of kids you have and their ages, you might be forced to buy easily washable fabrics and furniture with no sharp edges. When it comes to personality, classic art and furniture bode well for a chill person, while garish wallpapers and electronics will suffice if you're the hip type.
If space is an issue for your private rooms, some small space bedroom furniture ideas include buying double beds for your kids' and visitors' rooms and wall shelves.
4. Collect Small Pieces of Furniture if Available Cheaply
Sometimes, buying large furniture sets from one retailer may be quite expensive, especially if you have refined taste. Quality living room sets (full sets) cost more than $5,000 on the lower end, for example. If you don't want to go beyond your budget, check out how much various items cost in different stores and order each item on your list from the most affordable store.
For instance, a given store may be selling your favorite type of seats on the cheap but have higher prices for your preferred leather cushions. The best thing to do would, therefore, be to make different orders for the two and match the colors later on. Notably, shopping for small pieces of furniture may not always be the best choice due to economies of scale.
5. Go All Out on The Living Room's Furniture Picks

Living Room's Furniture

As mentioned earlier, the living room is, together with the (master) bedroom, the most important room in the house. As such, you should pay particular attention to the living room's furniture and find the balance between your taste and good design. If you like classical art and are a collector of artifacts, hang the best pieces in the living room.
If your living room space is limited, research on modern living room ideas for small spaces which include using versatile walls that can also function as shelves for your books. Whatever you do, make sure to create a great impression of your living room not only for your visitors but also to yourself.
Remember, when it comes to decorating and furnishing your home, to go for what makes you happy and works for you. 

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