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Jenny ZhuJenny Zhu, Founder and CEO of Triangle Home Fashions, started the company more than eight years ago. She sat down to answer five questions about her design inspirations and process, home fashion trends and what’s next for the brand Lush Décor.
1. Describe your process for creating new Lush Décor designs.
Coco Chanel once said, “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” I see Lush Décor that way. Classy and fabulous is the essential style for Lush Décor, and that motto guides our design team from inception to store on every collection.
2. Who or what inspires your designs?
In the beginning of the company, I guess I was more driven by designers with successful stories. But along the way, success for me has become more about the difference I could make in people’s lives. The people around me have become my inspiration. The satisfaction comes from how happy our team is working together and hearing how much our customers love our products.
3. What do you think of current home fashion trends?
The majority of our customers are Millennials. These days, home fashion is not just about colors, materials, and patterns, but it is also about how the designs reflect their aesthetics and values.
4. Many Millennials want the whole home to be fashionable. Do you have anything for their children’s rooms?
Yes, just like our customers, our designers have their own kids at home, so we are aware of the need for fashionable textiles for young ones. We have offered a small line of youth bedding for some time now, but for the fall/winter season we are introducing a much larger collection of kids’ quilts with coordinated throws and window curtains. (Coming Soon: Cupcake Ice Cream and Canvas Shoes collections, among others)

Cupcake Ice Cream   Canvas Shoes Quilt Set

5. What’s next for Lush Décor?
We are preparing to launch two new categories: decorative pillows and foldable fabric storage boxes. These will be available on our LushDecor.com website soon.
If you are an editor, reporter, blogger or publisher who would like to speak with Jenny Zhu, please contact admin@lushdecor.com or call 732-355-9800.


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    We just bought a new house in Florida & I cannot wait to purchase new bedding from
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