5 Questions with Interior Designer Amy Parmar

Aug 9, 2017by Kimberly Foerst
Amy Parmar is an interior designer with more than 15 years of experience creating beautiful designs in London. She prides herself on delivering exceptional, unique and luxurious interiors that are life-enhancing and beautifully presented, for both large and small residential projects.
She took the time to answer five questions for us about her work as an interior designer in one of the most stylish cities in the world.

Kitchen designed by Amy Parmar

Q1: What is your favorite room of the home to redesign and why?
My favourite room in the home to redesign is the living room. There is so much that can be created in this one room. Deciding on what to use on the floors, then to add character to the walls through paint colour, wallpaper or a feature wall is something that brings the room to life. To select the right sofa creates the tone of the room, bringing it personality. Will it be warm and inviting or will it be tasteful and elegant, etc.?  Moving on to choosing coffee and side tables, rugs, cushions and a delicate throw for design flare maybe -- yet this is not the end! We might also look at a nice painting, some elaborate lamps or a fancy chandelier, or simply a minimalist and clean line finish. So much happening. It is absolutely a treat to design. In my opinion this is the hub of the home for relaxation and bringing a personality to sparkle in their living space.
Q2: Tell us about a “rule of interior design” that you believe is meant to be broken.
The rule of interior design that I like to break is going off concept. Choosing a scheme is amazing, but it's always nice to be unique and design outside of the box, thinking in new and innovative ways, designing a new room that no one has created before and putting a personal spin on current. And definitely creating a new design that is beyond keeping up with the Joneses!

Bathroom Designed by Amy Parmar

Q3: How does popular interior design style in London differ from what’s popular in America, if at all?
American designs are completely different in my opinion. Having a lot of family out there and growing up spending holidays there, there are a few major differences and a lot of that depends on the location. So if you are outside of the city, high rise flat life, they almost always live on one floor, occasionally two and they almost always have huge garages. There has been little shortage of land this has meant the rooms are huge. Hence their furniture is bigger than in Europe and a majority of them are ornate and elaborate in designs.  Everything being bigger and bolder definitely means more volume flare than some of us on the other continent. The European designers have yet to entice the American market with their creative designs.

Bedroom designed by Amy Parmar

Q4: On your website, you mention harmonious design multiple times. What makes a design harmonious and why is that so important?
For me, harmonious designs means designs that flow well together. Those which are pleasing on the eye. As with everything that works, there is a science to it. An example of how this works is using Fibonacci as a rule of thumb. This has been used in paintings and certain marketing ploys and it works. It's is an unquantifiable magic that just makes things balanced. Even in an asymmetrical design. If a space has harmony, it has a 'pleasing and consistent whole' and as a designer that is my aim: to make a space feel in tune with life and flow like a beautiful melody from one space to the next!
Q5: If you had to choose one project you have worked on that you are most proud of, what would you say stands out most about that project?
The project which I am most proud of the work I created was based on 50 Shades of Grey. I used that as my concept and brought the lifeless grey to life with touches of sparkle, additions of different materials and textures and a harmonious balance of blending colours, transforming the average to beautiful, elegant and sophisticated.
If you want to learn more about Amy Parmar or some of the design work she has done, we have provided the links to her website and social media pages (below).

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