Guest Blog: How to Furnish and Decorate your Home on a Budget

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Every home, big or small, reflects your personal space, and above all, it should be comfortable and styled with your taste without breaking the bank. That sounds easier said than done, right? Wrong! you can furnish your home on a budget and still show off a lovely interior that is a pleasure to be inside. Our home design experts have come up with their favorite ideas on how to create your dream space without busting your wallet.
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1. Go Thrift Shopping and Score
You'd be surprised at what amazing home decor gems at rock-bottom prices you can rack up with a visit to Goodwill or any other thrift store type of establishment. You may find a bureau you like or wicker chairs, lamps, baskets, glassware, and the list goes on and on. Some shoppers have found a set of dining room chairs at $7 apiece. When you visit a thrift store often enough, you can potentially find some gorgeous items that will enhance your home's interior and keep you on your budget.
When you shop at Goodwill, you're doing your part in community service. First, you're supporting the environment through the recycling of goods, and you're also helping to create employment and job training for others. It's a win win situation!
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2. Learn From YouTube Interior Design Pros
There are a lot of interior design experts with free 'how-to' videos on YouTube, and some of them are pretty impressive at helping people decorate their homes on a budget. These pros can show you the best textiles to buy that look rich and will add major sophistication to your cozy interior without spending a ton on them. Often, these home decor and furniture pieces are purchased online at major savings and through popular Amazon cashback deals. YouTube design experts also purchase these budget-conscious pieces for their interiors and show folks that not everything has to cost a boatload to look elegant, modern, etc.
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3. Wait For A Big Furniture Sale
Things are very expensive these days, especially when it comes to home furnishings. After all, who has $3,000 for a new sectional sofa?
Sales and clearance items are real, so don't ignore the sales you may find in your newspaper circulars at some of the big department stores. You could find a high-quality sofa at half price that you know will be a long-lasting investment. It may be smart to wait it out for a holiday sale to get your hands on fab furniture pieces you like. 
4. Look For Freebies (Yes, They Exist!)
You could be driving along the road and spot a timeless coffee table that no one wants any longer. Once in a while, a homeowner puts the item at the curb with a sign that says "free," and you can drive away with an awesome piece if you can fit it in your vehicle's trunk. Check out websites such as Freecycle and Facebook to find home furnishings for the taking in your town or a nearby community. You may have great luck and walk out the door with an antique desk, a rocking chair or a pair of lamps, etc.
Pillow Bundle: Modern Farmhouse
5. Get Creative With Home Accent Pieces
If you use your imagination and artistic eye, you can create some wonderful design looks with home decor pieces you already have or even with items that can imitate home decor. For example, if you cannot find the perfect coffee table you want, in the meantime, put together two side tables and form a ready coffee table. For the bedroom, you could use two stools for nightstands.
Look for deals on pillows for your sofa or bed; these simple additions can also elevate your home's interior. The same goes with area rugs. Swap out the old, and come back with the new. Many times, inexpensive new home accents can reinvigorate your personal space and make it look modern and cozy. Hang new artwork on the walls or stick a new vase or candlesticks on a bare table or dresser to enhance the room.
We get it. You're on a budget and want to stick to it, but you still desire attractive home furnishings. Don't rush; follow our guidelines for scoring some beautiful pieces one at a time!

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  • Virginia Panarella November 9, 2021 at 11:32 am

    I have the orange and gray poppy curtains and am looking for accessories, bed spread, pillows etc. what can you suggest. By the way I love the curtains. I bought them from bed bath and beyond before I found your website.

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